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Apr 15, 2012 - May 06, 2012








Ray - Adam GoldbergJennifer - Leelee SobieskiKenny - Stark SandsTonya - Judy MarteTerry - Felix SolisAhmad - Tom ReedDaniel - Terry KinneyJayson - Harold House Moore

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A police drama following rookie cops in New York.

NYC 22 takes place on the streets of New York City, following a diverse group of rookie officers patrolling Upper Manhattan and experiencing the ups and downs of learning on the job.

Comments (34)

Noire Panthera
04/01/13 at 00:14am

They cancel all the good shows. Really liked this show,
Chris D
01/18/13 at 01:52pm

Too bad, this was an entertaining show.
01/01/13 at 03:19pm

a really good cop show! Should get picked up by USA or TNT!
Eileen Elliott
12/09/12 at 01:11pm

Cheap ripoff of Rookie Blue, right down to the Sam clone. Happy to see it go!
10/21/12 at 02:26pm

This was a really good series!
09/17/12 at 11:29am

Dear CBS,

I remember when I used to be a huge fan of your network. Of course that was before you wanted everyone to watch Big Brother, Survivor, and dear Lord, why haven't you cancelled Two and a Half Men yet? Oh that's right, you would rather cancel something people actually might like instead!
08/18/12 at 12:31pm

OMG! This show is awful. I have been watching a some left over episodes in the past few weeks! What a joke! The actors are terrible! I couldn't believe the one about two guys trapped in the apt with an alligator. What a waste of 60 minutes of them trying to get out of there even though the door was in front of them! Anyone can outrun a croc! Gators are slow...duh! The other episode about a bunch of people leaving the building before demolition was pathetic! I am so glad this show is GONE! Robert disappoint me!
08/09/12 at 11:48pm

Just like the uk a good show cancelled before it had a chance. The story was developing nicely.
07/28/12 at 09:02pm

I love this show, I can not believe all the shows that CBS cancelled without really giving them a chance. This show is getting better with each episode, I hate that the cancelled it.
07/28/12 at 05:21pm

Bad news indeed! Stupid CBS. The show is wonderful, so much better than Rookie Blue. Having a top notch & seasoned actress, LeeLee Sobieski in it, really shows how serious the Producers are at pulling out all the stops to make this a realistic and serious series. CBS, thumbs down on you idiots!

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