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Apr 15, 2012 - May 06, 2012








Ray - Adam GoldbergJennifer - Leelee SobieskiKenny - Stark SandsTonya - Judy MarteTerry - Felix SolisAhmad - Tom ReedDaniel - Terry KinneyJayson - Harold House Moore

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A police drama following rookie cops in New York.

NYC 22 takes place on the streets of New York City, following a diverse group of rookie officers patrolling Upper Manhattan and experiencing the ups and downs of learning on the job.

Comments (34)

07/24/12 at 09:45pm

Thsi show just gets better & better, don't think CBS gave it enough air time before cancelling it.At least they are airing the episodes taped before cancellation.
Bluebloods,Rookie Blue,& others of the same genre are still doing great.Wish CBS would do a turnabout & uncancel it as they did Unforgetable.
It's a shame when most of the shows we like are on Cable networks.
07/21/12 at 08:31pm

This show was terrible. Couldn't make it through the 1st episode.
07/18/12 at 06:47am

I can't believe this show was cancelled already. It was just getting started and had so much potential. Shame on this network.
07/14/12 at 03:15am

CBS, give these shows a chance!I'm glad you are showing the episodes already made.The show just gets better & better!
Big mistake CBS!
06/14/12 at 03:15pm

show wasn't given a chance nice going best police drama on tv was third watch chicago code wasn't bad either but it was cancelled after 1 season also
06/11/12 at 02:32pm

I agree with Mike's comment.....the best show was Third Watch (shame on you NBC for chopping that one)! Yeah CBS what you cancelled this show after 4 shows were aired?? Shame on you!
06/03/12 at 09:56am

CBS bring back King of Queens best sit com
06/03/12 at 09:54am

Well i thought the show was okay. I don't think it was giving a chance, but my favorite cop drama of all time was and is still Third Watch, now that show should have never cancelled.
06/02/12 at 07:34pm

What is WRONG with you People?! That show was awful! I am so glad it was cancelled! Thank you CBS! That show had the lowest ratings than any other show they aired this year! Bad actors! Terrible story lines! The worst thing they ever had in the show was a Muslim cop carrying his Koran! What a dumb way to bring that up after the 10th anniversary of 9/11! Nice going Robert De Niro! You just shame your hometown again!
05/31/12 at 05:40am

CBSucks strikes again!! Was the show great, no, but it was decent enough and if given a chance it could have been a solid hit!! uuggghhh!!

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