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Sep 17, 2012 - May 21, 2014




Drama / Sci-fi




Miles - Billy BurkeCharlie - Tracy SpiridakosNora - Daniella AlonsoTom - Giancarlo EspositoBen - Tim GuineeGrace - Maria HowellBass - David LyonsRachel - Elizabeth MitchellAaron - Zak OrthNate - JD Pardo

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A sci-fi drama following an unlikely trio who set out to save the world after 15 years of darkness.

15 years ago, the world's power shut off. Computers, phones, lights, cars, airplanes - everything suddenly went black without explanation.

Fast forward to present day, where a strong-willed young woman named Charlie, along with her uncle and a rogue band of survivors, set out to rescue her brother, overthrow the militia, and re-establish the United States of America.

Along the way, they explore the mystery of why the power failed, and if it will ever return.

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09/17/14 at 06:51pm

I am ticked that you guys took this show off the air. Great plot, great actors, boo NBC.It was one of the best shows you have done lately. Go pick another one and put this one back on the air.
09/17/14 at 04:09pm

Everyone I know watches the show. I cannot believe you dropped this show. There is a lot of stupid reality shows and we finally get something worth watching and its cancelled.
Government Agent
09/10/14 at 11:17am

Actually, we're the one's who turned out the light switch!
Pat Wilson
09/08/14 at 10:07am

Most of my family and friends watched the show "Revolution". We would get together with popcorn and some of us watched it together with friends and neighbors. It is a great show and we do not understand why it was cancelled. Why does NBC cancel all the good shows and keep the crummy ones that are immoral and boring. I hope another smart network will pick it up.
Please put the show back on the air. PLEASE
Mary Duff
08/21/14 at 10:14am

Is there any news out there of this show getting picked up by another network or even as a summer show? Please send us any new updates re: any networks interest in taking on this show. By the amount of comments listed here there most diffently is a need for this show to continue.
08/14/14 at 09:44am

Too bad the show was cancelled. I really liked watching it. It was one of my favorite shows. The actors did a great job, the story was good, and it had a neat dialogue with a good sense of humor with all the references to "the old World". Please pick up this show again.
08/08/14 at 12:54pm

This show had promise, and I blame its downward spiral mainly on NBC because having 20 + episodes a season is overkill. If NBC would have kept this show to 12 – 13 episodes like FX, HBO, AMC etc... a year then the writers would have had more time to brainstorm between seasons and in this case the plot probably wouldn’t have became as stupid as it did in the second season. This crazy change is mainly based on the fact that they revealed how the power went out to early, but with that said they still could have went another direction then they did in the follow up episodes and this show would have stay great. Because of the “Terminator like plot” ins season 2 this show is ruined and not other network will grab it like people are wanting. NBC and ABC really need to mirror the 1 season a year format that all the successful networks follow and stop splitting seasons into two and running them for 6 months with constant pointless 2 + week breaks a year because writers get pressured, fans get bored, and shows with great potential die, i.e. The River, The Event, and unfortunately Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. will probably meet this same fate this season. So in short NBC and ABC is where shows go to die, just my opinion.
08/01/14 at 08:10pm

This is one of the many shows I've really gotten into and I'm sick and tired of losing good TV shows While dumb reality shows thrive. When are quality shows suppose to return to TV. Who or what will be our voice?!
Steve Ryan
07/23/14 at 03:20am

Now this show totally rocked, loved it, so was very disappointed to see it go.
Don B
07/21/14 at 07:21pm

Too bad! I really enjoyed the show. I hope some other channel picks it up.

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