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Sep 17, 2012 - May 21, 2014




Drama / Sci-fi




Miles - Billy BurkeCharlie - Tracy SpiridakosNora - Daniella AlonsoTom - Giancarlo EspositoBen - Tim GuineeGrace - Maria HowellBass - David LyonsRachel - Elizabeth MitchellAaron - Zak OrthNate - JD Pardo

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A sci-fi drama following an unlikely trio who set out to save the world after 15 years of darkness.

15 years ago, the world's power shut off. Computers, phones, lights, cars, airplanes - everything suddenly went black without explanation.

Fast forward to present day, where a strong-willed young woman named Charlie, along with her uncle and a rogue band of survivors, set out to rescue her brother, overthrow the militia, and re-establish the United States of America.

Along the way, they explore the mystery of why the power failed, and if it will ever return.

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Kathy Christian
06/18/14 at 12:55pm

NBC!!!!! BRING BACK REVOLUTION!!!! What is wrong with those making the decisions for your company???!! I LOVED this show. Watched it with anticipation every Wednesday. Used to LOVE Wednesday nights because of Revolution. Now Wednesdays on NBC are just like all other week and weekend nights on NBC - CRAPPY The folks deciding these issues for your company are idiots!
06/16/14 at 05:44pm

Keep the show on!!!!
06/12/14 at 07:56am

I really wish they hadn't cancelled Revolution, I couldn't wait for Wednesday's at 8:00 to sit back and watch my show! there are shows that need to be cancelled (the bachleor for one! ) and they always seem to stay on. Revolution was funny and exciting, I really hate the way they decide what stays and what goes. I never had a chance to vote! :( I would have kept this on. I agree with alot of these other peoples coments. It's a shame of what our TV viewing consists of a bunch of lunatics yelling at eachother acting like fools, oh yea like we don't have enough crap going on everyday! I have a list of shows they cancelled that I have no freakin Idea why. What a shame!
ioannis kontopoulos
06/08/14 at 11:06pm

another great sci-fi show bites the dust.i guess they're just too expensive to make to be's too a t.v. dominated by idiotic pseudo-reality shows featuring morons and music talent shows hosted by narcissistic pompous buffoons.
06/08/14 at 08:37pm

Please bring this show back!!!!!!!!
Cari Jones
06/05/14 at 10:29pm

This was a favorite of mine from day one that it aired...they are idiots for canceling another fantastic show...don't we pay these companies enough to air great TV like revolution
06/04/14 at 06:03pm

Put it back on, please............................
05/31/14 at 01:03pm

I absolutely cannot believe that they cancelled this show, I loved it and looked forward to it every week! The way they ended it wasn't even an ending at all, what a load of bs to end a show with the beginning of a new series. I wasted all my time watching this show just so they can disgracefully pull the plug just like that! They should be cancelled altogether as a company for this.
05/24/14 at 09:22am

Why did they even bother to end it with such a major cliffhanger if they were going to cancel it? Makes absolutely no sense.
Ann Elliott
05/23/14 at 08:25pm

I agree with Norman. Nothing but crap. NBC has cancelled all the good shows!!! Are they going off the air? Who makes these bad decisions?? I am sick of them! Sick!!! They wouldn't know a good show if it jumped up and bit them on the butt!! And eventually NBC will stand for No Body Cares!!!

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