Saving Hope

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Jun 07, 2012 - Aug 03, 2017




Drama / Medical




Alex - Erica DuranceCharlie - Michael ShanksJoel - Daniel GilliesShahir - Huse MadhavjiMaggie - Julia Taylor RossGavin - Kristopher Turner

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A medical drama following staff and patients at Hope-Zion Hospital.

Charlie Harris, the charismatic Chief of Surgery at Hope-Zion Hospital, has ended up in a coma and consequently left the facility in chaos. His fiancee and fellow doctor, Alex, must work with star surgeon Joel to save the chief's life.

As Alex and her fellow doctors work tirelessly to save Harris' life, the comatose chief explores the halls of the hospital in spirit form, unsure of whether he is a ghost or just imagining things.

Comments (49)

11/24/13 at 02:53pm

thats such bull **** it was a good show it needs to come back!!!
09/05/13 at 02:16pm

I loved this show too. I was upset at NBC for cancelling it. We don't get cable so I can't watch it on CTV.
By the way, DOES have the first season on DVD! Guess what I'm getting for Christmas. LOL
07/31/13 at 05:11am

Season two is better than the first season. Eat your heart out NBC all you network mucky mucks smoking crack have no idea what a great show is. MKL
07/07/13 at 02:08pm

So excited I can at least watch it online!
06/24/13 at 01:21pm

This stinks, been looking forward to seeing the new series. I too will watch some other channel other than NBC. This was a great show and had good following. Wake up NBC before you go down the drain.
04/16/13 at 03:36pm

I too hate losing good shows in the drama genre for reality tv. Saving Hope was a good show and I hope I'll be able to watch season 2 somehow. I highly recommend a new show "Orphan Black" on BBC. It's also a supernatural drama with great actors.
03/29/13 at 03:51pm

love Saving Hope...Hate I come CTV...I hope I have it!
03/25/13 at 07:05am

This makes me mad!! I hate the way they ended the show! It was going sooo good and then damn NBC has to go and cancel the best show of my year!! Jeez!
02/16/13 at 09:13pm

apparently CTV, in Canada ordered 18 episode for season 2
hakeema howell
02/13/13 at 06:51pm

O my nbc cancelled this show to I loved it I was really getting into the story. In they also canceled the other new show awake.that's why I can't watch nbc

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