Saving Hope

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Jun 07, 2012 - Aug 03, 2017




Drama / Medical




Alex - Erica DuranceCharlie - Michael ShanksJoel - Daniel GilliesShahir - Huse MadhavjiMaggie - Julia Taylor RossGavin - Kristopher Turner

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A medical drama following staff and patients at Hope-Zion Hospital.

Charlie Harris, the charismatic Chief of Surgery at Hope-Zion Hospital, has ended up in a coma and consequently left the facility in chaos. His fiancee and fellow doctor, Alex, must work with star surgeon Joel to save the chief's life.

As Alex and her fellow doctors work tirelessly to save Harris' life, the comatose chief explores the halls of the hospital in spirit form, unsure of whether he is a ghost or just imagining things.

Comments (49)

10/22/17 at 01:31pm

I really liked this show. Wish it would come back!
08/22/17 at 06:48am

Boy... just finished watching the last episode, I cried.
Nicely done.
Vicki oats
08/16/17 at 11:45pm

8/17/2017. Has Saving Hope been cancelled since Charlie Harris has been killed. It's one of the best tv shows on the air and I wait for it every week.
carol junta
06/14/16 at 01:49pm

look forward to watching the show every week. How can they do that to us? Bring back the show and bring back Joel.
10/24/15 at 03:56pm

NBC had it wrong. Just watched SEASON 4 Episode 5. Still is a great show.
05/21/15 at 11:34pm

I am a retired American living in the Philippines. Love the show. Glad Canada decided to keep it. Have to watch all my shows from the net. TorrentDay has all TV shows one half hour after they are broadcast with no commercials. There are stupid network Mucky Mucks deciding what we watch that are really pissing me off. Canceled Stalker which had higher ratings than CSI's new show both in the same network. Go figure. I am 73 a couch potato love TV shows and spend my whole day watching. The rating system is outdated not a true reading of people watching TV. So again I protest the stupid station Mucky Mucks decisions. MKL@ML Enough said for now.
03/13/15 at 04:37pm

On November 10 2014, CTV ordered 18 new episodes bringing the series total to 67 episodes and will air sometime in 2015. We live about 30 miles from Canada, but still get our episodes off the net. Good show, one suspects the poor US ratings are the result of Grey's Anatomy (many similar story lines) but we're grateful the Canadians decided to Save Saving Hope!
09/07/14 at 09:27am

Do we know Ion's start date?
03/02/14 at 04:17pm

I will be watching it online since I am not in Canada and NBC stupidly canceled it ... Come on Season 3 AWESOME Show!!
02/10/14 at 03:27pm

I like this show.. GO CANADA!!! WOOT WOOT!

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