The Firm

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Jan 08, 2012 - Jul 14, 2012




Drama / Legal




Mitch - Josh LucasAbby - Molly ParkerRay - Callum Keith RennieTammy - Juliette LewisClaire - Natasha CalisAlex - Tricia Helfer

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A legal drama created as a continuation of the John Grisham novel and movie of the same name.

This updated adaptation picks up the story of Mitch McDeere and his family ten years following the events where McDeere helped take down a shady law firm that protected an organized crime syndicate.

Mitch has now resurfaced, out of witness protection, and has built a law practice of his own. However more trouble finds him when a mysterious new firm takes an interest in Mitch and his company.

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11/16/12 at 06:29am

OH YEAH, and, PLEASE BRING IT BACK! It was brilliant!
AT LEAST bring it back for half season and give the writers a chance to give it an ending, as was done with Jericho, but then again that required one of the biggest internet-uproars in TV history to make happen. SO BRING IT ON GUYS! If they cancel your show, don't take it lying down! Be heard! Kick the cage! if enough people scream loudly enough sometimes prayers ARE answered!
11/16/12 at 06:18am

Back in the day, (lets say, '70s-'80s) it wasn't uncommon for shows with weak ratings on the first season to be given a second season anyway, just based on someone with pull just KNEW it was good, so let it ride. Now days this pretty much unheard of. One season weak "ratings", yer OUT. There's a long list of great shows that never would have been by today's standards. Two of the top good examples of shows that had poor ratings 1st season but got a second chance, that wouldn't get one today, SEINFELD, (no ****), and Happy Days.
AS For the other eternal question here, why to crap reality shows go on year after year while brilliant "scripted dramas" like The Firm and Harry's Law, & Jericho and Fire Fly and Cane (and on and on), get the axe. Believe it or not, there's fairly good business-sense reason. Scripted dramas, on average, compared to your typical "reality" show, COST MUCH more to produce. What kind of ratings a show needs to be renewed is tied directly to "cost to produce". THAT is why all those reality shows you hate so much live on and on, they don't cost $#it to produce.
Susan Bauer
11/10/12 at 04:15pm

i can't believe it--my favorite 2 TV shows were "Awake" and "The Firm"---it looks like they're both cancelled?? what a disappointment!!
11/07/12 at 07:15pm

Bring it back, it was the best show on television! I watched every episode I want more! Why do they always cancel the great shows?
11/03/12 at 12:45pm

I was enjoying this show. I really hoped it would be back for another season. I guess we can count on NBC for one season ONLY of a good show. Why do they keep the garbage and cancel the good shows?
Agnes C.
10/27/12 at 03:40am

I do not usually write to complain. This show was 1 of 2 shows I watched weekly. I would very much like to continue watching this. The movie was good but this series was the best I have seen.
10/22/12 at 07:16pm

Wow - *I agree with Pamela and Dave etc -all the intelligent shows are cancelled and stupidity reigns!! Are the networks taking into consideration that we are taping on PVR's and watching on-line and this isn't being picked up by their current rating system maybe ?? Just when we get into the plot it is cancelled - remember "the Event" " "Stargate Universe "another with plot twists etc - BOO -There must be something we can do as WATCHERS??
10/21/12 at 12:35pm

Don't cancel this show. It's an intense great series.
10/18/12 at 08:59am

NBC (No brain channel) continues to assault us with network crap. When they get it right, it must be a scary thing, for they immediately cancel the offending series and go back to showing us garbage. Whew! I'm sure glad somebody at the no brain channel has their finger on the pulse of the American public. (That's right, they do, because the public would rather watch something that requires no thinking to deduce)
10/15/12 at 09:45pm

As per usual, trash television reigns supreme, and shows that illustrate any level of depth or character development get the axe.

How about do away with all the retarded comedy and reality TV shows instead?

People don't like to think anymore, it seems :( *sigh*

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