The Mob Doctor

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Sep 17, 2012 - Jan 07, 2013








Grace - Jordana SpiroAlexander - William ForsytheOlivia - Jaime Lee KirchnerFranco - James CarpinelloDanny - Jesse Lee SofferBrett - Zach Gilford

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A drama following a surgeon who moonlights as a doctor to the mafia.

Grace Devlin is a talented resident at a Chicago hospital. But thanks to her brother's dealings with the mob, she is caught between two worlds - furthering her promising career and being forced to repay the family debt by helping the mafia men she despises.

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Areisha Holder
02/16/17 at 04:30pm

I really like this show and I think it should be aired again....The show is unique and VERY interesting. I think there should be a season 2, 3,4 and so forth....Please bring this show back "THE MOB DOCTOR"
03/17/14 at 03:50pm

I truly enjoyed this show and appreciate that there was a finality to it once it was cancelled. Still wish it could have continued, but thanks for actually ending it.
12/06/13 at 09:13am

Why do u people keep cancelling all my favorite shows!!!! Ughhhh its really frustrating. Bring it back to life please... What can we as fans do to support our favorite shows and try and bring them back?? Please let us know.
11/19/13 at 06:45am

Again, Really? What is wrong with the execs that they keep cancelling shows that are actually good?
10/01/13 at 08:20pm

maybe you should have done 1 more year. I loved that show..
Wm Imes
09/26/13 at 06:47pm

This was one definite screw up that wasn't a true viewer of this show . It had interest from all sides , people that love mob shows , a pretty doctor that was taking care of her family and a true family . It had Etc etc absolutly great . What's really sad is the other idiots that all agreed on its cancellation .i guess when you think your net work is so full of Emmy winning shows you don't need a soon to be a very good Emmy winning show . I as one haven't seen many ..
08/05/13 at 07:21am

The mob doctor was a great show to watch, why cancelled the show? Because Fox Network is so stupid that they want to put more cartoons show on the networks. VERY PATHETIC. SAD VERY SAD.....
06/19/13 at 03:34pm

This is one of many shows over past 2 years that fox has cancelled that was actually good! Getting sick of reality TV taking over! Bring this show back!
06/11/13 at 01:35pm

Very very disappointed that the show has been cancelled, please bring this show back
05/28/13 at 07:24pm

love that show been waiting to see when it came back. how could it have low rating??? that's crazy

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