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Jan 25, 2012 - May 10, 2013








Martin - Kiefer SutherlandArthur - Danny GloverClea - Gugu Mbatha-RawJake - David Mazouz

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A drama following a young, emotionally challenged boy who only communicates through numbers.

Martin Bohm is a single father who struggles to communicate with his autistic 11-year-old son, Jake. Martin has tried everything to connect with his son, but Jake does not speak or show emotion. He also will not allow anybody, including his father, to touch him.

When Martin meets a professor who specializes in children with special gifts, he comes to realize that Jake possesses the ability to perceive hidden patterns that connect every life on the planet. Martin must now make sense of these patterns in order to help people across the world.

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06/30/13 at 00:11am

You all need your heads examined for canceling the show Touch! But you keep those stupid realty shows...doesn't make any sense! Please bring back the shows Touch, CSI-Miami, and 24 please!
06/30/13 at 00:05am

I can't believe you canceled another great show! Why? I thought it was gre, another good Sci-Fi. Touch was great, and 24 was awesome! But both shows get canceled? What's the deal? But those stupid reality shows stay on? What's wrong with this picture? I think y'all need tit heads examined!
Leon Smith
06/14/13 at 08:47am

Please don't cancel this show... I always look forward to watching it. Sure they messed up a little bit, but as I can tell, they're returning to their roots of the first season.
06/13/13 at 10:58pm

05/31/13 at 01:22pm

I think the first season was delightful and magical. The second season was awful because it was turned into a 24 knock-off. I watched it to see if they would turn it around, but alas, they didn't.
05/25/13 at 09:25am

this is a great show, please do not cancel.
05/22/13 at 01:51pm

So sorry to hear of another good clean show being cancelled.
05/21/13 at 02:15pm

If you MUST cancel a show that already has grabbed the audience... PLEASE have one in the can that gives closure. Too many shows NEVER have closure!!! At least the Closer had closure!!!!!
05/17/13 at 07:11am

Touch gets cancelled but reality tv is still going strong ...
Something is very wrong on this planet.
05/16/13 at 08:25am

First season was interesting and unusual. Second season was a disaster, it was like they tried to make a second hand version of "24". That did it. I guess they should cancel it and bring back the actual "24". Oh, wait, they did!

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