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Jan 25, 2012 - May 10, 2013








Martin - Kiefer SutherlandArthur - Danny GloverClea - Gugu Mbatha-RawJake - David Mazouz

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A drama following a young, emotionally challenged boy who only communicates through numbers.

Martin Bohm is a single father who struggles to communicate with his autistic 11-year-old son, Jake. Martin has tried everything to connect with his son, but Jake does not speak or show emotion. He also will not allow anybody, including his father, to touch him.

When Martin meets a professor who specializes in children with special gifts, he comes to realize that Jake possesses the ability to perceive hidden patterns that connect every life on the planet. Martin must now make sense of these patterns in order to help people across the world.

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04/16/14 at 01:41pm

Well Touch was somewhat a thinking type show. Most people want to sit down and watch a show that does not use up much of the brain like Modern Family. Also many people have a stigma with this type of illness - autism or mental health illness. So I can see why it did not fit the 52% of the population that has a stigma to these disorders.
04/04/14 at 07:51am

love love love this show..don't wanna see it go..PLEASE BRING IT BACK
03/10/14 at 09:45pm

This was my favorite show. I agree with the majority of these fans. Sad to see it end so soon. I guess now I won't be watching anything on the Fox channel.
02/27/14 at 09:29pm

Here's the thing the networks don't get. They have cancelled so many good shows, that now we viewers are becoming hesitant to begin watching ANY new series, because we've been shafted so many times. I miss my shows I want them back!!! 1 or 2 seasons is ridiculous. I'm really starting to hate the networks rather aggressively.
10/26/13 at 01:31am

Unbelievable - unfortunately NOT - as all intelligent shows are cancelled -agree with Cheryl and Kiefer Fan ! - just saw Borgias is cancelled as well- boo -cable will get cheaper for me as I drop all networks of crap
Kiefer Fan
09/27/13 at 11:20am

I have to agree with the majority on here. What a shame, but it was predictable. Fox only runs shows that are boring reality shows. They must have nielsen put their rating machines in the apartments of high school drop outs.
08/22/13 at 04:38pm

seems to me intelligent shows are being cancelled so that we can have more reality shows. Kardashian shows.more honey boo boo, and more duck dynasty, more hillbilly vacation, just what we need more shows for stupid people
08/22/13 at 04:36pm

another thinking person's show. I cannot believe the powers that be ignore us who need something to keep our minds going during a TV show. Why bother to invest yourself in a show that's going to be cancelled after a cliffhanger
Brenda Panagapko
07/05/13 at 08:00am

Oh my GodI am not watching your channels anymore. That show was simply amazing what is wrong with you? Get some new staff you need it.
Aaron Schwartz
07/02/13 at 09:06am

I have to admit, I don't mind this decision all that much. Touch season one was amazing. Season 2 was not. Don't get me wrong, it was still good, but it didn't have any of those feel good moments that made the first season so spectacular. But it was still decent. And it did something that I have never seen before in a TV drama. It ended well. Astercorp was defeated and Martin and Jake are fine. None of the characters who lost someone vow revenge, no secret organizations vow to pick up where aster left off,... it was a good end. if they tried to do a season 3, they would probably ruin whatever respect it still hadn't ruined by season 2 into a 24 ripoff. So I am content to let this go

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