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Apr 22, 2012 - May 12, 2019








Selina - Julia Louis-DreyfusAmy - Anna ChlumskyGary - Tony HaleMike - Matt WalshDan - Reid ScottJonah - Timothy Simons

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A comedy based in the office of the Vice President of the United States.

Selina Meyer has become the Vice President of the United States of America, but she soon discovers that there is a lot more to the job than she ever thought possible.

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mike dobey
04/26/16 at 08:15pm

this is a great show. congrats to the cast for this renewal.
05/28/12 at 08:27am

It's no wonder "michael lannen" doesn't find this show funny seeing as how he can't even spell simple words such as "site," "talent," "boring" and "zero." Obviously he has the intellect of a field mouse who needs to go back to watching reality television.
05/28/12 at 06:57am

The only thing that makes Veep (or any comedy show) difficult to watch is that there is no laugh track. I was raised on laugh tracks. Recall when Seinfeld originally debuted... no laugh track. Episodes later, they added one; it (felt) better. Veep is similar. If you liked Seinfeld, 30 Rock or Curb your Enthusiasm, you will love Veep.
05/26/12 at 08:34pm

I do not know who Michael Lannen is, but I love Veep. Julia Louis Dreyfus is hilarious as the Vice President. The talent is great. While I do agree that the comedy is slapstick, it is a funny show.
michael lannen
04/30/12 at 08:41pm

Veep is a booring show that is outdated slapstick commedy. I am shocked that after three shows it has been renewed for two years. In a rating of one to ten I am forced to actually give the show a zero. Great cast, waste of tallent.
michael lannen
04/30/12 at 08:38pm

I am really surprised veep just poped up so I guess you just updated your sight. This show is slapstick commedy that is outdated. I keep waiting for a punch line to laugh at. The show has a great cast but I am shocked that after three shows they have renewed it for another two years. I find the show booring. If they wrote it in a serious manner it would have been better. Sorry but in a rating of one to ten I give this show a rero. What a waste of good tallent.

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