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Jul 10, 2013 - Sep 11, 2013




Comedy / Drama




Mackenzie - Rachel GriffithsRoger - Rodger CorserMarina - Lily SullivanRobbie - Tim PocockSarah - Dena Kaplan

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A dramedy following campers and their counselors at a lakeside summer camp.

Little Otter Family Camp offers summer fun for everyone far away from civilization. Kids can have a blast while their counselors keep themselves busy dating one another.

Mackenzie Granger owns the camp and is looking to start over after a recent divorce. Trying to keep the struggling camp from going under, she considers a buyout offer from the owner of an upscale camp across the lake. They develop a love-hate relationship that soon escalates.

Comments (21)

11/02/13 at 07:25am

Love this show, had real story lines. Entertaining
TV Fan
10/29/13 at 02:28pm

they don't give shows a chance to find an audience.
mr. BB
10/18/13 at 11:27pm

most of the cast is from Australia and the swimmer chick was from Africa
mr. BB
10/18/13 at 11:26pm

very funny show to bad a good summer filler
Amy fielding
10/09/13 at 08:18am

They need to bring it back during the summer. It was a good funny show!
C Buckley
10/08/13 at 06:21pm

I am so disappointed that this show has been cancelled! It needs to come back soon if not next summer!
09/13/13 at 07:22am

I love the show!! The cast was awesome and the story lines that were great. Not enough shows like this on TV anymore. Another season please!!
09/12/13 at 05:38pm

This show is the best...and the music they play on it is out of this world. learned of a few new songs during this show from people I've never heard of before. I hope they renew this for next summer...brought back a lot of memories from going to camp as a kid.
09/12/13 at 04:45am

I really hope it comes back next summer!
08/19/13 at 01:50pm

I enjoy this show, as it's a cool concept for a summer season entry. After's about summer camp.

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