Da Vinci's Demons

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Apr 12, 2013 - Dec 26, 2015








Leonardo da Vinci - Tom RileyLucreziaA - Laura Haddock

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A drama following the early life of Leonardo da Vinci.

This historical fantasy drama tells the secret, untold story of Leonardo da Vinci, a man tortured by a gift of unusual genius. In his quest for knowledge in an uncertain future, da Vinci explores the fringes of his own sanity while lifting an entire era out of darkness.

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Jim D.
07/24/15 at 08:54am

Or not leaving at all.
07/17/15 at 07:54pm

STARZ has opted to use a great series killing ploy... Announce a renewal of a series, promise that it will happen, them make a game of not telling people when it will resume... This is a fine series but quite irksome for the network not to let people know when it will be back. Imagine if you will, an Airline that says we have flights from New York to London, but we think it's great fun not to tell anyone when they're scheduled.
12/20/14 at 05:04pm

I love this show. I had no idea that Da Vinci was so brilliant.
10/21/14 at 02:14am

Agree, great series better than Game of Thrones. Da Vinci's Demons, The Following & Covert Affairs are all top notch.
09/13/14 at 08:49am

love it.
01/05/14 at 09:06pm

What's with the dates in this comment field, haha
06/13/13 at 09:44pm

I have always been interested in Da Vinci so, of course, I couldn't resist checking this series out. It has surpassed my greatest expectations. It is top of the line production, on par with Game of Thrones and The Borgias. Tom Riley is Da Vinci. I couldn't imagine a better characterization of him. I love history mixed with some speculative mysteries involving a mystical quest. There's love, sex, intrigue, spies, science, and spiritual adventure. One could not ask for more. I am upset there are only 8 episodes. But, I am delighted it has been renewed, hopefully with more than 8.

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