Devious Maids

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Jun 23, 2013 - Aug 08, 2016








Marisol - Ana OrtizRosie - Dania RamirezCarmen - Roselyn SánchezValentina - Edy GanemZoila - Judy ReyesGenevieve - Susan LucciPeri - Mariana KlavenoSpence - Grant ShowRemi - Drew Van AckerEvelyn - Rebecca WisockyAdrian - Tom IrwinTaylor - Brianna BrownMichael - Brett CullenSam - Wolé Parks

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A dramedy following a group of Latina maids working in the homes of wealthy families in Beverly Hills.

In Devious Maids, a close group of maids are bonded together by their jobs and life struggles after a friend, and fellow maid, is murdered at her employer's home.

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Deborah Spilotro-ducay
09/09/16 at 12:28pm

Deeply angered lifetime has decided to cancel a GREAT SHOW like DEVIOUS MAIDS. They should've tried fall season instead of summer. Either way hoping another network has the smarts to pick up a fabulous show. Lifetime you SUCK. NOTHING left to watch on LIFETIME.
09/04/16 at 10:48pm

NOOOO !!! This is my favorite show ! Why is it being cancelled ?! PLEASE ! Let another channel pick it up .. I can't go a summer without this show to watch . I'll be bored out of my mind .. Lol .
09/01/16 at 01:40pm

Oh, BOO!!! Loved this show. Sad it won't be back next summer.
05/15/16 at 12:40pm

I should not like this show as a 30s male but I do. As for the people wondering why you don't hear about it often is because it is a summer show! Get educated about your TV already.
04/06/16 at 10:43am

I came to the "' website to see if Devious Maids had been cancelled and I just hadn't heard about it. It's been off for SO long now! It's been renewed and I couldn't be happier! This is an awesome show and having Erica, oops, sorry, Susan Lucci back on the small screen is truly awesome!!! I watched her daily for over 20 years on AMC and to see her here with this amazing cast is great! Devious Maids is one of my favorite shows and I couldn't be happier it's back!! Thank you!
Faith Buzzelli
03/17/16 at 09:07am

Please renew devious maids love the show.
03/06/16 at 05:24am

PLEASE renew this show! This was my favorite show and it's been months now since I've seen it on tv :(
Marty Daniels
10/02/15 at 07:55am

I just love this show! It's funny, has great plots, well written and an amazing cast 10 out of 10 nothing comes close on Monday nights
Anna Camacho
09/08/15 at 10:56am

Love this show!!!! Please renew it!
05/25/15 at 07:24am

Hope the show returns. Was my favorite!

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