Devious Maids

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Jun 23, 2013 - Aug 08, 2016








Marisol - Ana OrtizRosie - Dania RamirezCarmen - Roselyn SánchezValentina - Edy GanemZoila - Judy ReyesGenevieve - Susan LucciPeri - Mariana KlavenoSpence - Grant ShowRemi - Drew Van AckerEvelyn - Rebecca WisockyAdrian - Tom IrwinTaylor - Brianna BrownMichael - Brett CullenSam - Wolé Parks

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A dramedy following a group of Latina maids working in the homes of wealthy families in Beverly Hills.

In Devious Maids, a close group of maids are bonded together by their jobs and life struggles after a friend, and fellow maid, is murdered at her employer's home.

Comments (83)

Mrs D
04/30/17 at 08:37pm

Noooooo!! Why! It's one of my favorite shows. Guess you cancelled it because it was mostly a Latina cast!! Shame on you!!
Michelle Resilard
04/12/17 at 08:36pm

I love the show Devious Maids. I love the fact that it's a combination of mystery, suspense, and comedy in the mix. The show is so visually appealing because the characters are always in such beautiful surroundings. Please Lifetime, don't cancel the show.
03/28/17 at 08:34am

Yet another cancellation because you people don't care about what the viewers are telling you. This is an awesome program so the only reason I can think of for you to canx it, is because you just don't listen to the viewing public. Why bother asking if you're not going to at least pay attention to what we're telling you? Yet another WRONG decision on your part!
01/29/17 at 06:18am

We need this show bring it back please we couldn't wait for it to come back on this is the only lifetime show we watch so make sure if u bring it back to preview it on AMC or history channel so I can add lifetime back to channels
Inya Newsome
10/15/16 at 00:41am

I love the Maids you ahould cancel this show it has a lot of potiential its funny and leaves on the edge of your seat.. So cancelling the food shows and cancel the bad ones this is the 2nd time
10/04/16 at 08:54pm

I agree with Rae Rae!! This was a great show. Put it on at the right time of the year and you'll have more viewers. AND don't wait so long between seasons. You keep stupid shows on and cancel the good ones!!
10/02/16 at 12:11pm

Oh my god...NO WAY! Are you kidding me...they effing cancel this show with a cliffhanger like this? Hey suck!!! Go online and find petitions to bring this show back. I swear if they don't do one more season and wrap this up I am going to flip out. I am so p offed!
09/19/16 at 06:47pm

This was a great show. Please bring it back
The cast was super Susan Lucci, did a wonderful job
You cant cancel this please dont
09/15/16 at 01:24pm

Devious Maids was the only thing I watched on Lifetime. Bye Lifetime!
Rae Rae
09/10/16 at 10:23am

Yes, please DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW! It is soo good. If the writers you have are having writers block- then get new writers. And I agreee, if a summer show is doing well- then it needs to venture into the fall season and then winter season. If it doesn't do well then- cancel it. You left it for the summer- when people still go on vacations, so your ratings aren't going to be that high, duh! Now the show will be cancelled because of it. That's your bad! And now your making your Fans suffer for your stupidity.

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