My Five Wives

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Sep 15, 2013 - Feb 04, 2014








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A reality series following a Utah man and his five wives.

Brady Williams is a project manager living in Salt Lake City, Utah who lives together with his five wives and their combined 24 children. With such a large family, Brady is constantly working hard to balance the wants, needs, fears, and frustrations of each wife.

Cameras go behind the scenes of this controversial lifestyle to take a candid look at the intimate details and complicated decisions they make on a daily basis in their larger-than-average family.

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07/12/16 at 06:05am

2016? Just wondering if you'll ever bring back loved the show
01/27/16 at 10:50pm

please brought my5 wife back I love this show and sisterwife so please please please put them back on
08/11/15 at 10:31pm

Please bring back my five wives. It was interesting and you can tell the wives really care about each other. Some programs you are now showing are not worth the time I am sure many feel the way I do...
03/31/15 at 09:24pm

I loved this show! So much more interesting than "Sister Wives". Please bring them back TLC! There were so many great stories I wanted to see through-karlie's baby, nonie's pregnancy, a possible move, the switching up of the nights and so many more! So much more refreshing than the other show- please bring back this family!
julie moore
03/30/15 at 09:09am

Shame on TLC, how could you keep sister wives and cancel my five wives? The wives actually care about each other, unlike Meri on sister wives who only likes the new wife, so much that she would divorce the mean husband Cody so the new wife can marry him. Bla, bla, bla... Please TLC rethink canceling my five wives, they are a real family, please cancel sister wives you pay them way to much money!
Monica Meyers
03/01/15 at 01:13pm

I loved this show and am devastated to see you cancel it. Brady is ever so much nicer than the husband (Kody) on the other polygamy show (Siser Wives). For my vote, I say bring back My Five Wives and cancel Sister Wives.
I do watch Sister Wives too, but get tired of Kody's prancing around like the king bull. He should try a little humility would be refreshing.
01/11/15 at 00:01am

I can't believe you would cancel this show it is so down to earth and you have started a journey with them that we want to see through. This is the most realistic show on plural marriage there is and now its gone this sucks, now I know why I don't want to watch new shows, you just start to relate and like them and poof they are gone great move AGAIN!!
01/06/15 at 08:12pm

What us wrong with you people. ...
This is an awesome show full if love, life and real people situations.
How ridiculous that they don't wash their hair. Seriously?
These are strong, kind living women who are real moms and real wives who do it differently than yes...but still the same. I live the show...the kids the a Dad even Crazy Grandpa. It's not been cancelled and I hope TLC us smart and brings it back over and over. Praying for Zhuck and hoping Nonies pregnancy goes very well.
12/21/14 at 05:32am

All the lady's and Brady are very supportive to each other you can't find that in normal situations I love the show and look forward to it every Sunday he keeps all lady's happy and he's very sweet and thought full also he's a hard worker they don't ask for state help and they all have close bond that's better than most familys
12/21/14 at 05:21am

I think they are a great family that love each other and support each other and are self supporting great mothers great father and great kids and none of them lazy. I enjoy watching it every week I look forward to more .

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