My Five Wives

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Sep 15, 2013 - Feb 04, 2014








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A reality series following a Utah man and his five wives.

Brady Williams is a project manager living in Salt Lake City, Utah who lives together with his five wives and their combined 24 children. With such a large family, Brady is constantly working hard to balance the wants, needs, fears, and frustrations of each wife.

Cameras go behind the scenes of this controversial lifestyle to take a candid look at the intimate details and complicated decisions they make on a daily basis in their larger-than-average family.

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12/07/14 at 08:19pm

I am waiting for the episode when all five "idiots" finally file for alimony and child support from this Pig.
Laura Cote
11/24/14 at 01:55pm

I justed watched the episode with Pauli's daughter baby shower. really Nonie. You have 5 your son needs attention in my book. Mr Williams you do not have a reality check on your 5 wives. Your father is right to be concerned. You all should be looking forward to Grandchildren an focus on the ones leaving the nest. Watching your show since day one I see no harmony. If it is true TLC canceled you I can see why.
Grace Lobermier
10/12/14 at 03:33pm

When is My 5 wives airing and on what network?
07/14/14 at 03:35am

This show is a hound dog. It's sad and depressing; the women look absolutely miserable. Not to be mean but all of them look like they need to bathe and wash their hair more often. Looking at their hair nauseates me. I watched maybe three episodes and couldn't take it anymore.

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