Sean Saves The World

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Oct 03, 2013 - Mar 06, 2014








Sean - Sean HayesEllie - Sami IslerLorna - Linda LavinMax - Thomas LennonHunter - Echo KellumLiz - Megan Hilty

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A comedy following a divorced dad juggling work and home life.

Sean is a divorced father juggling his work life, his teenage daughter who just moved in with him, and his pushy mother. He wants to be the best dad he can be, but long hours at work keep pulling him away - not that his daughter minds.

In order to raise a healthy, well-rounded kid and keep his boss & employees at work happy, it's going to take a lot of work. But if anyone is up for the task, it's Sean.

Comments (34)

12/15/14 at 11:46am

This show was hysterical! It's one of the only sitcoms my husband would watch with me...and actually enjoy. I was disappointed to find out it was canceled. I adore Sean Hayes!
10/02/14 at 02:03pm

LOVED this show and as always it gets canceled WTF what you think it is fun to put a great show on and then cancel it starting to hate TV might was well just watch my netflix and get rid of cable tv
Brad Lafferty
09/17/14 at 11:23pm

I mean Sean Hayes with child, come on people, as believable as the first time I saw him in a Super Bowl commercial sitting in a laundry mat pretending to check out the Doritos girl, Sean Hayes checking out a woman, that's some fine acting right there
05/25/14 at 06:16pm

I honestly can't believe they didn't even finish one series... they kept Mom and renewed yet this show got canned, I actually found Sean Saves The World quite funny so did my wife, mom was forced, honestly they were stupid funny jokes not clever funny which Sean Saves The World had... go figure, these days stupid funny is better:(
05/18/14 at 04:58pm

I like sean hayes, but this show was painful to watch. The writing and story was aweful.
04/16/14 at 05:04pm

Loved this show!!!
04/04/14 at 01:55am

I am really disappointed this was canceled I think it was one of the best ne comedies this year. I really enjoyed it and looked forward to it every weeek.
03/27/14 at 08:14pm

No!!!!!! This show is hysterical!!
03/26/14 at 07:43am

I am shocked this show has been cancelled.
03/20/14 at 05:48pm

I really loved this show and still watch reruns on Hulu. It's such a shame that it wasn't given more of a chance. Sean Hayes is hilarious!

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