The Tomorrow People

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Oct 09, 2013 - May 05, 2014


The CW


Sci-fi / Action




Stephen - Robbie AmellJohn - Luke MitchellCara - Peyton ListRussell - Aaron YooDr. Price - Mark PellegrinoAstrid - Madeleine Mantock

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A sci-fi drama following a group of genetically advanced humans.

The Tomorrow People are humans born with paranormal abilities such as telekinesis, teleportation, and telepathic communication. Perceived as a threat to mankind, they are hunted by a paramilitary group of scientists known as Ultra.

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alicea flynn
05/13/14 at 12:23pm

This show is awesome it has so many twits and turns just when you have it figured out something new pops up. Like the season finale was a shocking please can we have a season two
Mack James
05/13/14 at 07:22am

Vary DISAPOINTED in the decision to cancel the show, my family of 5 are hoping CW change their minds. It's not fair to leave viewers hanging. When viewers can't wait for the next show, now only to have it snatched from them.
05/12/14 at 08:06pm

This show is Amazing its sad that CW is retarded & cancels shows way to early.
05/12/14 at 05:07pm

I can't believe this show is being cancelled! I've watch every show. Sometimes it's DVR'D SO I CAN WATCH IT LATER. Just because it doesn't have a high watch rating doesn't mean people don't watch it. Remember people have DVR now a days! So disappointed. :'(
05/12/14 at 09:05am

dangit people everything I like is getting canceled!!!
05/12/14 at 09:03am

The ratings are so misleading. The Tomorrow People following is such a diverse group. Not just kids watching their favorite show after a mediocre school day. I’m a working stiff that has to sneak in each weekly episode on a 13 hour shift via a WiFi connection or flash drive. Then that file is filtered down to everyone in each department that risks getting into hot water for watching it on their monitor or mobile device. It has been a truly dynamic show that leaves one wondering what will happen next. The characters and their acting skills really have you guessing the fate of all parties in question. Who will survive? Who will prevail? Cancel The 100 instead. The only question there is who is Octavia going to make out with in the next episode. Not worth an entire season. Truly trash TV.
05/12/14 at 01:49am

i was crushed to find out that the cw got rid of the tomorrow people. i love this show and although i did catch it right when it started it I've been with it since esp.4 and i was so looking forward to a 2nd season. i don;t know why you don't give shows a chance to blossom and breathe for a season or 2. i know the cw is small but come on please dont kill our show!! :(
Mick F
05/10/14 at 03:53pm

Obviously CW stands for the viewers "Cant Win"
What a stupid move on the networks part.
Dumb, Dumb, Dumb
05/10/14 at 01:19pm

The premise of this show was great. I loved watching Peyton List. The character playing her boyfriend was a good leader. What drove me away from the show was the absolutely REALLY bad acting of the star Robbie Amell. If he would have been killed by the fourth episode I would have continued to watch it. He killed this show for me.
Chris Miller
05/08/14 at 04:03pm

Such a shame that another show gets canceled when it has such potential. Yet another Sci-fi show canceled before it has a chance to succeed around the world.

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