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Mar 16, 2014 - Jun 21, 2014




Drama / Action




Meg - Gillian AndersonFrancis - Dermot MulroneyMarcus - Lance GrossSusie - Rachael TaylorBeth - Stevie Lynn JonesKoz - Max MartiniMr. Nash - James LaffertyAmber - Halston SageOlsen - Michael Beach

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An action drama following the kidnapping of children who have some of the country's most powerful parents.

When students of the elite Ballard High School are ambushed on a field trip, a national crisis is ignited. Some of the country's most powerful parents - including the President - are suddenly at the mercy of a criminal mastermind.

How far will they go to ensure their children's safe return?

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05/13/14 at 08:43pm

This show is great. Don't know why it is being cancelled. The problem is networks don't give a show enough time for people to find it before they cancel. I agree with others, that this show has a lot of potential for different directions they could go. PLEASE DON'T CANCEL.
05/13/14 at 07:24pm

This show is getting tiresome - it would have been a good 2 part movie or mini series.
05/13/14 at 01:55am

Here we go again! I like Oldboy's idea. Boycott Boycott Boycott ! Oh drat - we know that won't happen either. It will just go on and on like it's been going on and on and we will all just continue in a permanent state of frustation -- "is my show cancelled?" or "is my show not cancelled?" Aiiii yiiii yiiiii !
05/12/14 at 06:17am

This is an awesome show has alot of potential for twists and turns it's way too early to just cancel it. I'm so sick of NBC they keep all they stupid shows that ratings are lower and cancel the good ones. I'm done with NBC there are plenty of other networks to watch. NBC is the WORST at canceling good shows without even giving them a chance to get momentum! KEEP CRISIS!!!!!
05/11/14 at 05:36pm

Crisis was a really interesting series. We will miss it. :(
05/11/14 at 02:43pm

I think it is time to rebel against network TV. Perhaps if no one watches any new series unless the story is brought to a conclusion or guaranteed two seasons with a conclusion, then the networks will discontinue terminating stories after 12 episodes. As in the story, we (the viewers) need to take back control.
05/10/14 at 01:25am

If they showed replays the shows would probably last longer. But I ain't mad it's they business
05/09/14 at 12:44pm

it's Cancelled as usual , also Believe and Growing Up Fisher cancelled and they're announcing soon that Dracula isn't coming back for a 2nd, i give up on network shows .. its a waste of time .
Clara Sanders
05/04/14 at 07:15pm

Good series with some new fresh talented actors
05/03/14 at 07:41pm

Would've been a good movie, not a series. Lose it.

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