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Jun 19, 2014 - Oct 01, 2015




Drama / Fantasy




Alex - Christopher EganMichael - Tom WisdomClaire - Roxanne McKeeGen. Riesen - Alan DaleDavid - Anthony HeadWilliam - Luke Allen GaleArika - Shivani GhaiBecca - Rosalind HalsteadGabriel - Carl Beukes

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A supernatural drama following mankind's war against lower angels in a post-apocalyptic world.

25 years after "The Extinction War", an archangel named Gabriel leads an army of lower angels to wage war against mankind.

An archangel named Michael chooses to side with humanity and turn against his own kind, joining the fight for the humans' survival.

Out of this long battle come newly fortified cities that protect the human survivors. The city of Vega is an empire that has formed from the ruins of what used to be Las Vegas.

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05/03/18 at 02:41pm

this has to be the biggest mistake syfy has made, left fans waiting for answers , never to be answered, great programme, no swearing just good story lines with plenty more to tell
07/15/16 at 11:21am

Please say it's not true! Dominion cancelled? Now I'm mad. I have been waiting for this show to return. With all the bad programs on tv how is this possible? Dominion is a show with essence that is worth watching. It's Firefly all over again. firefly another great program that was cancelled way too soon.
04/01/16 at 11:31am

I really like watching dominion every Saturday night please bring it back I Begg you I really love this movie than the walking dead
03/09/16 at 02:16pm

Talk about disappointment! I wanted to make sure I got a email reminder when the show was about to air Season 3, only to find out it's been canceled. That really, really sucks! I was OK with Defiance ending after 3 seasons, because it was planned for and the final show did a decent job of wrapping things up. But Dominion? EVERYTHING was left hanging. As with many other fans of the show, I recorded it to watch (and often re-watch) later, which of course doesn't get counted in the ratings. The way the Sy-Fy channel adds and drops shows has put me on the edge of just not watching any future series. Sy-Fy, you SERIOUSLY SUCK!!!
02/28/16 at 03:43pm

I NEVER post comments to sites like this but I just had to on this situation as I'm so so so disappointed!!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK THESE SHOWS BACK! They are both so different than the typical Cop, Hospital, family "comedy's",& so much stories to tell!! I really enjoyed both of these shows! Who's stupid idea was it to cancel these shows, what a HUGE error in judgments!! I hope you would reconsider!!
and WTF! Defiance is canceled too!! HUGE HUGE MISTAKE!! what I said above goes for BOTH of these shows I looked forward EVERY WEEK for BOTH of these shows!! what a disappointment!! This will RUIN the Fall for me for sure!
02/22/16 at 03:37pm

Please bring Dominion back!!!!! I watched it faithfully every Thursday night. Now I am left hanging in the wind and it makes me sad not to see my favorite actor. All I can say to you is that I am deeply sadden another good series is cut.
01/04/16 at 09:13pm

Please reconsider not cancelling Dominion and Defience. I watch them faithfully and record them also.
01/04/16 at 02:56am

They should really bring this show back to syfy. It's one of their best. The need to push it more. I recorded ever show. And just now realized it was cancelled. This is crazy to leave a great show like this hanging out there like this. People are going to stop watching syfy.
12/23/15 at 10:04am

I always DVD'ed this show and watched it later due to the time slot it was airing in. I really believe that a lot of other people did the same thing. Is this taken into consideration in determining the ratings?
11/28/15 at 07:00pm

idiots taking good programming i looked forward to that every week
wtf people

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