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Jun 19, 2014 - Oct 01, 2015




Drama / Fantasy




Alex - Christopher EganMichael - Tom WisdomClaire - Roxanne McKeeGen. Riesen - Alan DaleDavid - Anthony HeadWilliam - Luke Allen GaleArika - Shivani GhaiBecca - Rosalind HalsteadGabriel - Carl Beukes

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A supernatural drama following mankind's war against lower angels in a post-apocalyptic world.

25 years after "The Extinction War", an archangel named Gabriel leads an army of lower angels to wage war against mankind.

An archangel named Michael chooses to side with humanity and turn against his own kind, joining the fight for the humans' survival.

Out of this long battle come newly fortified cities that protect the human survivors. The city of Vega is an empire that has formed from the ruins of what used to be Las Vegas.

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11/26/15 at 02:28pm

I am really bummed about Syfy shelving my two favorite shows, the other being Dominion, and they have been airing WWE SmackDown for years. Please SYFY don't cancel either Defiance or Dominion.
11/05/15 at 10:25pm

Come on guys, you can't cancel this show. I watch it regularly and there is so much left to happen here. You are cancelling two of your better show, this one and Defiance, I am lost!!
11/03/15 at 00:01am

It you say you lost ratings why did you not change time that it was aired. I guess it did not have enough sex in it. So now your starting a show a good show. Yes I watch the walking dead on amc & second season in a roll that it sucks. Bring it back
10/19/15 at 11:28am

@ Nick - very astute of you.... It only says that is is based on the movie Legion in the beginning credits!
10/19/15 at 11:26am

Why!!!! So we have yet another season of The Walking Dead with absolutely no plot yet this show gets cancelled right when it is starting to get good?! The people that decide what shows stay and what shows go are morons!
10/15/15 at 05:26am

I loved this show hate to see it go. It looks like another good show that is ending leaving everyone hanging onto a cliff. Why do they do that? With the track record of a lot of the networks, why bother leaving a show in a cliff hanger? When they do that, I feel they should be obligated to come back with a "Series Finally" the following Season, just one episode to tie up all loose ends.
10/14/15 at 04:19pm

Well, there goes one of the two shows I watch on Sci-fi. Now to see if they renew Defiance. And yes, I refuse to call it Syfy. Just stupid.
10/13/15 at 08:39pm

Not for nuthin' but the entire theme of this show sounds a helluva lot (almost identical) to the movie Legion.
10/03/15 at 02:20am

I love this show! It needs to get renewed, for several reasons... the cliffhanger is so evil!!! I need more!
09/24/15 at 11:33am

The wife and I are hooked on this show, and there are only 2 episodes left. Syfy better renew it, there's unlimited stories left to tell. Do the right thing!!!!

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