Faking It

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Apr 22, 2014 - May 17, 2016








Amy - Rita VolkKarma - Katie StevensLiam - Gregg SulkinLauren - Bailey BuntainShane - Michael Willett

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A comedy following two best friends pretending to be in a lesbian relationship.

Karma and Amy are best friends and sophomores at Hester High School in the suburbs of Austin, TX. While they both want to stand out, Karma is on a mission to become one of the popular kids and will go to any length to achieve her goal.

When Karma and Amy are mistaken as lesbians, Karma wants to keep up the charade when she notices their popularity climbing. Amy agrees to go along with the ruse, but in doing so realizes that her romantic feelings for Karma might actually be real.

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Rodger A Shimp
06/14/16 at 03:45pm

This little show taught me a lot about tolerance. It was a wonderful, heartfelt show, that had so much left to say. Shame on MTV for cancelling it and leaving on so many pointless reality shows. I have watched MTV since it went on the air and I felt they were right to keep changing with the times, but now they are just in it for ratings only. Now they are like watching E! I'm done with them.
10/02/15 at 02:39pm

glee without the music. I know I shouldn't like it, I know some of the actors cannot act, I know the writing is bad, I know its juvenile, trite, and cheesy, yet I can't stop watching it. ugh.. I am so embarrassed.
04/26/15 at 04:37pm

Many great shows get cancelled, but this piece of crap gets renewed? It's offensive to actual gays That have to deal with being out In high school that aren't applauded but bullied, and real lesbians that call themselves lesbians and don't sleep with men. Same tired, recycled storyline they've been doing since the show began.
11/10/14 at 03:10pm

In a proper world, millions of lesbians would storm MTV to put an end to this. But don't stop with MTV. Having GLBT characters as part of a series is fine... What has become tiresome is their exploitation to advance a TV series. Every network does it - The gratuitous lesbian scene that does absolutely nothing for the story line. Look up the phrase "Lesbian Kiss" on Wikipedia to see what they have to say about it.
10/22/14 at 03:12am

10/22/14 at 03:04am

I love this show so much, I find it so quirky and relatable.

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