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Sep 23, 2014 - May 05, 2015




Drama / Fantasy




Henry - Ioan GruffuddJo - Alana De La GarzaDet. Hanson - Donnie KeshawarzLucas - Joel David MooreAbe - Judd Hirsch

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A drama following a medical examiner who is immortal.

Doctor Henry Morgan is a star New York medical examiner with a secret. He not only studies dead bodies to help solve criminal cases, but is also trying to get to the bottom of his unexplained immortality. It is a mystery that has eluded him for 200 years.

During his long life, Henry has gained acute observational skills which have allowed him to rise to the top of his profession. Nobody knows his secret except for his best friend and confidant, Abe.

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01/19/16 at 10:13pm

I'm so upset right now bring back my show .
01/01/16 at 10:27am

Really nice show...
12/15/15 at 01:43pm

WHAT ??????? I loved this show. Judd Hirsch and Ioan Gruffudd what more could you ask for. I never quite understand how clever & entertaining shows get cancel while mind numbing (I.Q. dropping) stay on.
COME ON ABC bring it back. Or please USA, TNT, or CBS Please pick it up.
12/09/15 at 08:49am

one of the best shows ever, interesting, the story lines were amazing, characters were awesome. But sadly ABC dropped the ball big time by cancelling this show. ABC stop complaining about low ratings!! Bring this show back!!
Joyce Richard
11/30/15 at 11:56am

Very interesting show...sorry to see it gone. Please bring it back!
11/28/15 at 05:35am

What a great show and a fantastic cast. I miss it! Bring Forever back!!!
11/24/15 at 06:36pm

I rarely watch television because Melissa stated there are so few good shows out there. In fact I only watched two shows. One was a show that had run for several years and concluded last year. The other was Forever. I like shows that entertain without treating the audience
Gloria portis
11/21/15 at 02:58pm

Really liked this show
11/17/15 at 10:16am

At least they didn't leave on a ginormous cliff hanger.
10/29/15 at 01:12am

COME ON! This was an interesting show with a wide open storyboard for future episodes. They will probably put ANOTHER stupid reality show in its place. I don't know who watches that crap anymore. They aren't reality and reality shows have run their course. Everyone I know is so sick of them clogging up the schedule. Please stop canceling interesting intelligent entertainment to make way for ignorant mind numbing stupid garbage that I would rather turn my tv off then watch. Seriously. What tv executives make these decisions? You only had a few good shows and you're canceling the best one?! Why can't the viewing public have some type of input into this somehow. I realize it is a money thing and it's all about numbers but there has to be a reason this didn't produce well numerically because all my friends and coworkers watched this show. And I mean all of them so how did it do so poorly? Maybe put it in a different time slot or different night because the audience is out there for the show.

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