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Sep 23, 2014 - May 05, 2015




Drama / Fantasy




Henry - Ioan GruffuddJo - Alana De La GarzaDet. Hanson - Donnie KeshawarzLucas - Joel David MooreAbe - Judd Hirsch

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A drama following a medical examiner who is immortal.

Doctor Henry Morgan is a star New York medical examiner with a secret. He not only studies dead bodies to help solve criminal cases, but is also trying to get to the bottom of his unexplained immortality. It is a mystery that has eluded him for 200 years.

During his long life, Henry has gained acute observational skills which have allowed him to rise to the top of his profession. Nobody knows his secret except for his best friend and confidant, Abe.

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Randolph Miller
07/16/20 at 02:55pm

I just finished binge watching this series. I cant believe it was cancelled after 1 season. The stupidity of ABC is unbelieveable.
10/11/16 at 08:44pm

Another great show ended with no reason especially when the petitions were all over the place to save it. What really ticks us viewers off is ending a show with a cliff hanger. We are all dying to see the outcome & the network dumps it in the garbage. How can any show have a chance this way? It was a feel good, funny and exciting show to watch. Such a disappointment all us viewers were robbed of more shows!!!
08/03/16 at 08:30am

Enjoyed the characters and story.
Katiusca Perez
07/27/16 at 10:44am

I love this show please bring it back. it was great watching it. why do you guys keep on cancelling good shows?
Jude chris
04/08/16 at 09:59pm

The networks are wasting money airing so many mediocre tv shows letting the good ones slip by. Forever is a late bloomer with faithful wise viewers who knows what good show to watch.
Western Sage
04/02/16 at 09:07pm

ABC's decline continues.
03/15/16 at 11:49pm

This is a really good show, who makes the choice to cancel as it was a well liked show. It must be about money because you leave some stupid shows on.Getting ready to stp watching regular tv because they cancel it
03/13/16 at 00:56am

Bring Forever Back! One my faves! Stop messing with time slots & adding so many new shows at once so viewers can get a chance to like a show before it gets canceled. Too many comic book shows on tv, we want a variety to choose from, not every show the same.
03/10/16 at 10:56am

Loved this show. There was a cliff hanger... how Henry tells her after she found the old pics.
01/25/16 at 10:46pm

Bring it back,, Lucifer is a copycat

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