Girl Meets World

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Jun 27, 2014 - Jan 20, 2017






Riley - Rowan BlanchardCorey - Ben SavageTopanga - Danielle FishelMaya - Sabrina Carpenter

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A comedy following a grown-up Cory and Topanga raising their teenage daughter.

A sequel to the 1990s ABC TGIF comedy "Boy Meets World", this series follows Corey and Topanga's daughter Riley Matthews. She attends Manhattan's John Quincy Adams Middle School, where Corey is Riley's History teacher.

Riley and her best friend, Maya, do their best to navigate all the twists and turns that come along with growing up into the teenage years.

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01/27/17 at 12:32pm

I love this show and, yes, I am a 60 year old grandmother! I used to watch Boy Meets World, too. This show is quirky and fun and teaches lessons - it's not a ridiculous show!! I hope another network picks it up.
Wendy daley
01/22/17 at 10:35pm

I am extremely upset about your decision to cancel Girl meets world!I was hoping that with its all star cast that you would give it a weekly time slot on abc!My children and I watched this show when they were tweens,now I was able to watch this show with my sons nine year old daughters! P,ease abc get rid of some of your other shows like jc undercover or walk the prank. Iam 56 years old and enjoy shows of this reputation.
Declan wilson
01/19/17 at 05:27pm

Disney, You are keeping all these stupid ass shows but now until want to take away a show that means something???? FU😠
Declan wilson
01/19/17 at 05:22pm

Nnnnnnnooooooo I have so many emotions for girl meets world I love that show so much just because the people who don't like it shouldn't decided it's fate because now the people who love it is heart me.😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
01/14/17 at 05:41pm

I am 59 years old. When Boy Meets Word was on, I was right there watching with my boys! Since this show started, my sons have been watching right beside their children! My granddaughter dances to the opening song every time she hears it. Even when I'm not with them, I watch the show. I'm hoping that Disney will reconsider! There just aren't enough decent shows left for kids ( and adults) to watch anymore! If Disney isn't smart enough, maybe another network will be!!!!!
01/14/17 at 11:51am

I suppose your going to continue on with unreal life shows such as KC Undercover and Bizardvarks or Walk the Prank?? Three shows that have no meaningful content in the real world of today and the now. I am a mom of 3 boys and I love for them to watch the truest to life scenarios a truly talented cast that is not just stupid unreal stunts with no wholesome content?? Disney more and more as the years go in you continue to disappoint by keeping shows in that are so far from real life and what life is really throwing at our kids!! Take Liv and Madrid not that I don't find the show humerous but everything about it is just fake a 5' tall basketball champ?? Really?? A son who is so scientific he build tunnels underground in turn making his home collapse, making huge laser blasters and many other things our kids in real life can't dothen move them to California and little by little bringing the rest of the class out to California is so far from the truth we move and our children go to a new school and their friends do not follow them.... Bizardvark is the dumbest show probably thus far and let's not forget you time traveling teens in Best Friends Whenever... all of the shows I've mentioned pure crap not even close to real life and gives falsehoods to our kids!!! Girl meets world tackles real issue and is touching my boys relate to this show yet it's the one being cancelled same onnypu disney! SHAME ON YOU!!!!
01/13/17 at 07:04pm

Whenever I am questioning anything or need motivation, I watch this show. I am going into high school next year and I need all the help I can get. Please don't cancel the show. You have been canceling all the good shows like Good Luck Charlie, Suite Life on Deck, and I Didn't Do It. So please keep this show on.
01/13/17 at 04:46pm

Faith saillant
01/13/17 at 03:44pm

Please I'm gonna cry please don't I beg u how do you want us to succeed if all disney channel does is cancel good life shows or any good show at all so please
Faith saillant
01/13/17 at 03:41pm

Please don't cancel your show I started cry because,riley mom just got promoted please I beg you don't cancel the show think of your fans I am 11 years old and got to rainbow park elementary in the 5th grade 2017 please don't I beg you don't do it please

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