Girl Meets World

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Jun 27, 2014 - Jan 20, 2017






Riley - Rowan BlanchardCorey - Ben SavageTopanga - Danielle FishelMaya - Sabrina Carpenter

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A comedy following a grown-up Cory and Topanga raising their teenage daughter.

A sequel to the 1990s ABC TGIF comedy "Boy Meets World", this series follows Corey and Topanga's daughter Riley Matthews. She attends Manhattan's John Quincy Adams Middle School, where Corey is Riley's History teacher.

Riley and her best friend, Maya, do their best to navigate all the twists and turns that come along with growing up into the teenage years.

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Just Someone
05/10/17 at 08:51am

Riley is on The Goldbergs now as Adams new girlfriend. I love the goldbergs and happy to see Riley on it since I love her. (ok she's not "riley" but IDR her real name)
04/22/17 at 07:48am

I was looking at one of Riley's on the app and it says that you guys are stopping because people are saying bad thing about your cast, and that's why your stopping. You shouldn't care what anyone else thinks, because your doing it for the viewers out their. And so what if people don't like it. There's a lot of people here who do. And if it needs to be moved to ABC were all fine with that. By the way I'm ten years old and I love watching your show so please don't take it away. Even my dad loves watching it with me and my whole family.
03/02/17 at 09:18pm

Where can I write Disney channel? I'm ready!!! I hope they get many fan letters I will go down there. whatever it takes.
03/02/17 at 09:11pm

I'm preying that someone picks this show up there is just to many fans out there of all ages I'm 32 years old my niece is 10 years old loves girl meets world. Also my mother who is 60. Its the only good show on Disney channel. I cant even understand this its the worst thing Disney channel has ever done. I hope someone picks it up and makes a lot of money.
03/02/17 at 09:02pm

This is the worst thing ever. I was so excited to see the show on the air for many years just like boy meets world they brought the show in and took it away so fast we didn't even get to really get to know the new generation character as well as the boy meets world characters. I hope they bring back girl meets world and fast this is crazy.
02/25/17 at 10:49pm

I am 30 years old and i hate that girl meets world got cancel just before riley, maya, farkle, lucas, isadora and zay all explore with more life lessons and auggie and aVA got older also. Everybody in riley's grade along with riley experience more life lessons also. Please bring a 4th season and do a few more seasons like boy meets world. I want to see riley and lucas settling down and being married to eachother while in college and riley giving up a good top ten school to be with lucas. I want to see maya ending up with josh instead since they both admitted to liking eachother alot more since maya found herself at last. Farkle and isadora both go off to college together. Zay goes off to collage with lucas, maya, riley along with farkle aND isadora also. Darby and yogi will get married also. Please don't take girl meets world away. It is my favorite show after boy meets world.
Kinda Someno
02/16/17 at 06:35pm

Kinda Someno
02/16/17 at 06:34pm

I can't believe my show is coming off!😖😖😖😖
02/12/17 at 09:09pm

I was disappointed it was abruptly canceled. It was a good clean show with appropriate themes. My daughters enjoyed watching ever week and reruns. I hope Netflix decides to run with it.or maybe teennick. It deserves a continuous chance. The ratings were good and it meant something to the viewers. Bring it back!
02/11/17 at 00:00am

i didn't care for this show because it didn't have the "feel" of boy meets world. it was too hoakey, too disney. boy meets world had some dramatic moments and a more serious but silly feel to it. it just didn't do it for me.

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