Girl Meets World

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Jun 27, 2014 - Jan 20, 2017






Riley - Rowan BlanchardCorey - Ben SavageTopanga - Danielle FishelMaya - Sabrina Carpenter

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A comedy following a grown-up Cory and Topanga raising their teenage daughter.

A sequel to the 1990s ABC TGIF comedy "Boy Meets World", this series follows Corey and Topanga's daughter Riley Matthews. She attends Manhattan's John Quincy Adams Middle School, where Corey is Riley's History teacher.

Riley and her best friend, Maya, do their best to navigate all the twists and turns that come along with growing up into the teenage years.

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01/11/17 at 04:15pm seems like Disney wants to follow along g with all the stations and just throw away good hearted family tv. It shocks me what I see they will show on tv now. I'm about done with most tv stations. There is barely anything wholesome on tv now. And we wonder why our children are growing up so fast and having sex at an early age amongst other things...bc they see it EVERYWHERE ESPECIALLY on tv. I'm so sad. Here's hoping another channel will pick it up. May even Netflix will take it over.
01/09/17 at 06:33pm

Please renew for season 4, my husband and i love this show. He is 61 and I'm 53. We watch this show together, also loved Boy meets world. DON'T CANCEL THIS GOOD FAMILY SHOW
01/08/17 at 12:26pm

Me and my whole family love to watch the show together and it teaches us all great life lessons 😭
Angry Watcher
01/08/17 at 10:03am

OK lets be real the cancelled every good and funny show now they cancel girl meets world funny meaningful and full of life lessons the one thing kids need in life and they cancel it GREAT JOB DISNEY DESTROY THE ONE THING THAT MAKES SENSE AND THAT HELPS KIDS GET THROUGH TUFF TIMES!!!!!
~sincerely angry watcher
01/08/17 at 08:26am

Disney cancels a good quality show with great meaning and messages but leave k.c. Under cover and bizaardvark on, REALLY!!! We can only hope another TV station picks it up
X wing
01/07/17 at 10:37pm

No great loss.
01/06/17 at 11:01pm

If everyone who likes the show would write to Disney and ask them not to cancel the show then they might not have cancelled it. You still have time to write to them asking them not to cancel the show.
01/06/17 at 06:45pm

Please rethink cancelling. There are no shows for families to watch together, and being able to share characters from my childhood with no kids has been awesome. I miss these kind of family-friendly shows! Please, please, please keep it on!
michael dobey
01/05/17 at 10:25am

One less show for families. I like all kinds of shows, But we do need this kind of show. Disney, lost it here.
01/04/17 at 11:06pm

This show was cancelled.

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