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Sep 22, 2014 - Apr 25, 2019








James - Ben McKenzieBarbara - Erin RichardsHarvey - Donal LogueBruce - David MazouzFish - Jada Pinkett SmithSelina - Camren BicondovaOswald - Robin Lord TaylorSarah - Zabryna GuevaraAlfred - Sean Pertwee

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A drama following the origins of the great villains and vigilantes from the Batman universe.

Before there was Batman, there was Gotham - a city teeming with corruption and the spawning ground for some of the world's most iconic villains. This is the city that created the now-infamous Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face and The Joker. It also gave birth to Batman, one of the most well-known superheroes of all time.

Rookie detective James Gordon spends his days and nights fighting crime, trying to peel back the many layers of the city's criminal underworld in an attempt to restore it to the glamorous metropolis he had once known it as. Partnered with legendary cop Harvey Bullock, James stumbles upon Gotham's highest-profile case ever when two local billionaires, Thomas and Marth Wayne, are murdered.

It is at the scene of this crime where James meets the Waynes' intense 12-year-old son, with whom he forms an inexplicable bond. Their lifelong friendship will last them all of their lives, eventually playing a critical role in helping the boy become the caped crusader.

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Dee Doup Milligan
09/06/16 at 06:46pm

Love, Love Love this show and I almost didn't start watching it !!!!
01/05/16 at 01:27pm

Everyone knows what we're really waiting for is for Batman to show up; the show will die, if they can't pull it off. As long as they realize, *this* is the direction, then the show can join in with the Flash and Arrow, all we need is the rest of the Justice league, and superheroes can rule TV land. I would happily go, as long as no one skimps on the writing or budget of any of the shows. Hey, with technology, and such the way it is, and TV special effects getting cheaper and cheaper, I'd like to see a modern "Dick Tracy", oh yea. C'mon folks, let's introduce 'him' to the kids too while we're at it. lol
10/15/15 at 10:01am

Now this is a drama I could get hooked on!
09/21/15 at 03:25am

Mike Thompson: Try again. I found it .
Chris Price
09/07/15 at 07:39am

I think they know they are getting cancelled. Giving a back story to the joker is comic blasphemy. They are going out in a final blaze of glory. I see the writing on the wall.
Mike Thompson
05/11/15 at 10:59am

Your website said there is no such thing as the show on NBC called Constantine. Is this because it was already cancelled? I watched up to episode 13 or so, but it hasn't been on for weeks.
David Dickinson
01/21/15 at 07:33pm

Good!!!!this is surprisingly good.
01/13/15 at 09:37pm

At this point, why even start watching the new stuff coming out? All FOX, ABC, and NBC will do is cancel the good shows and leave the bad shows on. If Gotham is cancelled, Im getting rid of cable and not caring about TV anymore. It's pointless as it is.
12/01/14 at 06:02pm

I don't want it to stop. Please keep it alive!
12/01/14 at 06:00pm

I love Gotham. It's something to look forward to on a monday. I hope it keeps goin.

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