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Oct 02, 2014 - Dec 11, 2014




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Emmett - David TennantEllie - Anna GunnJoe - Josh HamiltonMark - Michael PenaBeth - Virginia KullOwen - Kevin ZegersRenee - Jessica LucasTom - Jack IrvineJack - Nick NolteSusan - Jacki WeaverPaul - Kevin RankinGemma - Sarah-Jane PottsDanny - Nikolas FilipovicChloe - Madalyn HorcherDean - Kendrick Sampson

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A mystery drama following the investigation into the death of a young boy.

In this 10-episode mystery series based on U.K.'s Broadchurch, a young boy is found dead on a beach in a small California town. When it is deemed a homicide, a major investigation takes place that throws the boy's family into turmoil and sparks a media frenzy.

Detective Emmett Carver has just arrived in Gracepoint and takes lead on the investigation, joined by Detective Ellie Miller. Together they work to piece together what happened on the night of Danny's death.

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12/08/15 at 02:52pm

Why am I not surprised that Gracepoint was cancelled? Because it was almost word for word for the English version of Broadchurch, but somehow, it just didn't fly. Having Colin Tenant play the same character, except with an American accent was totally wrong and one reason why I didn't enjoy it. It didn't have the same suspense or atmosphere as the English version. Gracepoint was actually filmed where I live on Vancouver Island in our local town of Sidney and also in Victoria. There's an empty building in Sidney that they used as the police station for Gracepoint, and the signs on the glass doors are still there....
03/09/15 at 10:53am

I LOVED Broadchurch and binge-watched season one on Netflix. I thought let me give Gracepoint a try since it's the same premise. Well it was literally word-for-word and scene-for-scene Broadchurch. HOWEVER, and this is a big however since the show wasn't renews, they left a cliffhanger about the killer that the British version did not do. BBC shows know how to wrap up a storyline and American shows just want to milk it for as many seasons as they can thin it out too. What a shame -- but I thought compared to the original, Gracepoint was disappointing.
02/15/15 at 02:34pm

I liked it but was glad to hear it was only a 10 part mini series. I mainly watched it for that reason. If it had gone on further it would have turned out badly as all shows do when they run for too long. Gotta know when to quit and end on a high note.
02/05/15 at 04:36pm

Why do people keep saying they can't stand listing to the british accents. I am an American and I happen to love british accents. David Tenant was Awesome in Doctor Who. I loved and still love Torch Wood. There is nothing wrong with there accent. It should be about the show. I am now trying to catch all of the original Broadchurch since it seems that is a hit in Europe. So if it failed here even though I lived it I will just watch the British version.
01/16/15 at 07:19am

It 'cancelled' because the show it was based off - Broadchurch - is airing a second season. If the ratings for Gracepoint were higher you can bet Fox would have ordered a second season as well.
Becca Rowland
01/15/15 at 10:54pm

it was a pretty decent show. my husband & i enjoyed it very much. im just curious how it could be canceled, when the show is just a 10 part series / 10 episodes and the 10 episodes are completed?
anne camacho
01/13/15 at 08:54am

I never did see Broadchurch so I can not compare it to Gracepoint,but I really enjoyed Gracepoint,especially David Tennent love his acting please bring another season back.
Nicole Luvbug
01/04/15 at 11:56pm

It seems that everyone posting has seen the British version but I have not and really enjoyed the show. And I'm sure there were many other viewers like myself who were catching the show for the first time so I suppose the viewers who never saw the original were better off. I hope they make another like this. That would be great !!
12/17/14 at 03:20pm

I am British and believe me people with the British accents you hear in TV shows are hated over here we have the worst TV shows going thank god we taught Americans are language they make quality stuff.
12/17/14 at 03:45am

Good lord! That'll teach me to trust voice dictation. (Mods, pls delete last comment)
Remaking of the series the way that they did made absolutely no sense. I watched the original series on BBC and, as an American, the setting And foreign accents really had no impact on the entertainment value of the show. It was a great drama, well acted and well produced.
With a network that tries so hard to cut costs wherever they can, you think they would've just bought the rights to the show and aired it on Fox. I really can't understand why they would've paid David Tennant to reprise the same role, saying the exact same lines, just with a different accent. The whole thing is weird and awkward to watch.
I tried watching the first two episodes, but I found myself just constantly trying to remember how everything went in the original series. I couldn't quite remember the details and I was spending all my time comparing the two shows rather than just enjoying the drama. This one was definitely an epic fail on Fox's part.

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