Halt and Catch Fire

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Jun 01, 2014 - Oct 14, 2017








Joe - Lee PaceGordon - Scoot McNairyDonna - Kerry BishéCameron - Mackenzie Davis

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A drama following the rise of the personal computer in the 1980's.

A short time after IBM has cornered the market with the release of its personal computer, a former company executive and two colleagues attempt to reverse engineer the product in order to bring competition into the PC race.

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06/05/18 at 08:14am

I would love to see this show brought back. I work in the tech industry starting back during when this show starts. It was the real west in tech during this time, this show gave a very sanitized view of how thing were but still gave a taste of how it was. In many ways it was a trip down memory lane for me. The show did a good job on the tech side and the story line was first rate.
It would be nice to see how the companies moved forward into the 1980's and 90's. Buyouts, spin offs, mergers... so many possible story paths. Heck the tech industry is still the place to be even today so I would think a sequel to this great show would be a no brainer!
04/27/15 at 09:49am

I love this show. It's sexy and I never know what will happen from week to week. The men are flawed, a bit like Mad Men, but the central female characters are two of the most interesting and dimensional women on TV. The end of Season One was a HUGE surprise, but I love where (I think) they're going with Season Two. I'll definitely keep watching.
08/12/14 at 02:50am

I like this series, but there's a lot of competition right now with other shows, so I don't expect another season. They should have just made this a mini-series.
08/09/14 at 11:33pm

Am I just forgetful (I am but don't think so in this case)?
Tagging as a term for graffiti didn't come about till the 90's or 2000's I don't think. The layered hair color style Cameron has I don't think came about till much later than the 80's either.
Am I wrong on this, anyone out there remember?
07/27/14 at 09:56pm

Excellent show. Brings back memories of experiencing all the PC clones and the computer world in general. Hope it is renewed.
David Wood
07/01/14 at 08:04pm

Like Mad Men, this show is filled with self-centered, over- confident, king-of-the-world characters strutting around like 'roid rage peacocks.
Let's bring out the rulers and start measuring.
06/24/14 at 12:56pm

I had to comment after reading the other two. No, Mad Men and Breaking Bad it's not. If you need over-the-top this won't do you. The acting is VERY good, some of the most subtly believable portrayal of real people I've ever seen. It is DIFFERENT. After the first two episodes,we weren't sure it was going anywhere either. We Are So Glad We Got To The Third. The Cameron and her floppy disk scene is iconic! As far as the younger generation, I'm surprised how many guys are addicted to the History Channel and things like 'how it's made' or whatever. This show is both of those things.
06/20/14 at 11:02am

HORRIBLE show. BORING, DULL, POOR ACTING, LOUSY SCRIPTING/ WRITING, and THE SHOW DRAGS from scene to scene. Characters are ridiculous and unappealing. MAD MEN AND BREAKING BAD this snow IS NOT. AMC, I expected better that this mess. It couldn't "catch fire" if you poured gasoline on it. I predict cancellation soon.
Hope "Better Call Saul" fares better.
06/19/14 at 11:42pm

You have to give it up to AMC to attack something that isn't a popular topic when it comes to computers. Especially in the really early days of personal computers. Let’s face it. The 1980’s wasn’t the most popular decade. Most youth today have no idea there was a time before smart phones. Educating the kids today would be far-fetched.

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