How to Get Away with Murder

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Sep 25, 2014 - May 14, 2020




Drama / Legal




Annalise - Viola DavisNate - Billy BrownWes - Alfred EnochConnor - Jack FalaheeRebecca - Katie FindlayMichaela - Aja Naomi KingAsher - Matt McGorryLaurel - Karla SouzaFrank - Charlie WeberBonnie - Liza Weil

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A legal drama following a law professor who becomes involved in a murder plot.

Annalise Keating is a brilliant and charismatic law professor at a prestigious Philadelphia university. When she gets entangled with four students from her class entitled "How to Get Away with Murder", they soon will have to apply their knowledge from class to real life.

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03/28/15 at 10:38pm

WOW.....the last episode was WOW...LOL. I was not expecting [spoiler] to be the killer. I can't wait for more...
02/23/15 at 03:48pm

I love this show and hope it returns with another season.
01/08/15 at 05:46pm

Okay first off I friking love this show... Watch it every single week <3
Second: take a chill people! I mean it's just sex, and fake btw. Just enjoy the wonderful show!! :-)
01/04/15 at 04:49pm

I love the show but also do not like the graphic sex scenes. You don't need them. It takes time you could use to develop the plot.
01/01/15 at 03:59am

love the show but I have to agree with other viewers that the sex scenes are offensive and too graphic. they're really pushing the limits on tv.
12/21/14 at 04:32pm

shonda, Shonda, SHONDA! The lady is a marvel. Just wonder when the networks will be smart enough to stop using her stuff as mid-season/replacement fare? She is a proven winner - Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, AND SCANDAL. She is one of two names that cause me to take an instant interest in a show - the other being J.J. Abrams.
11/08/14 at 08:09am

Pros: Love the story's potential - this show can really go places Writer is super, LOVE Viola Davis,
Cons: HATE the sex scenes, this is soft porn, I'll stop watching if the soft porn continues.
11/02/14 at 02:26pm

Who cannot love this show for the simple fact that it features one of the great actresses of our times...Viola Davis! I predict Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series! She is absolutely, bar none, amazing to watch on the screen, bringing a veritable cornucopia of emotions to bear in 43 minutes flat! For this and this alone it's worth the price of the ticket. And you can DVR it and skip the ticket price altogether - just fast fwd thru the commercials or watch it on ON DEMAND! The defense team is all right, not brilliant acting, but all right, the courtroom gymnastics are also worth the price of admission. But Viola? She outshines the script, the supporting cast, the storyline, just watch her WALK! She reminds me of something John Travolta said about his approach to a role. "If you get the walk right, you have the character right. That's what I work on first. The Walk." You know the boy has got a point. :o)
Hoppy Bunny
10/27/14 at 01:45pm

My eyes were watering just typing this. Great show. Love the love scenes.
10/26/14 at 04:42pm

I think the show is amazing. It brings my perception of what a defense attorney does to life. I don't mind the graphic sex scenes since it comes on at 10p. I also appreciate that they take place between the younger cast members. Nevertheless, I hope the show continues; I love Viola Davis, and I love Shonda Rimes. I love the plot so far...

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