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Jan 01, 2014 - Apr 29, 2015








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A reality series following former Miss Georgia winner Kim Gravel training girls for beauty pageants.

Kim Gravel, 1991 winner of Miss Georgia, is now one of the country's most successful pageant coaches. Together with her mother and younger sister, Kim is out train and transform young girls into confident young women ready for the beauty pageant circuit.

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Mariea Jane
09/19/22 at 08:10am

Hey there I know this comment is late, I just found this show almost a year ago and it is very entertaining. Especially when the girls would get along and uplift each other. Kim of Queens was very funny, entertaining, and very educational. Everytime I watch both seasons I never get bored and thats how you can tell it's such an amazing dynamic show. Bring this show back please even Kim would probably teach us younger girls including me life lessons as well. Thank you + mariea ane + 2022 september -country girl-
Elaine Faris
07/03/20 at 11:47pm

please bring the show back .She such a great role model. I enjoy watching the show.
Jessica Maymay
02/11/20 at 04:13pm

If anyone is out there still missing Kim of Queens, or you are new to the show from YouTube... please sign this Petition to get Kim of Queens back on television!
Christine Stephens
06/06/17 at 05:51pm

This show was the best please bring it back the stuff she would say would make me laugh she is fun and happy her sister was great to watch . kim is wounder to watch please bring her show back.
06/03/17 at 03:45pm

I am a kid i am 11 and i am sooooo sad that you do not do the show any more fun to whatch and I love the girls and kim what a shame you do not do the show any more bring the show back please its my fav show I i always whatch it and I am only allowed to whatch kim of qweens on three now all i ask is to bring the show back
amy smth
12/26/16 at 05:39pm

Wish Kim of Queens was still on . Loved this show they taught Life lessons on every show . They showed girls to be there self and be confident at the same time .
11/26/16 at 07:53am

Bring back Kim and the gang! They were so enjoyable to watch, and showed that you can treat young girls like young girls (and not like little adults) and actually teach them something. It was not about being THE best, but about being YOUR best. Actually very valuable to young girls today.
Dee Slack
09/27/16 at 07:55pm

My grandson,who is now 16, and I loved this show.We have been waiting and waiting for the show to return. Just finally looked up on internet to find out it was canceled. What a shame! It was funny, but it showed girls they could do anything they set their hearts on doing. It boosted girls moral, gave them confidence.A much much better show than"Bring It" where girls are "hunching " all the time. and they call that dance?
07/21/16 at 03:45pm

Bring the show back
07/09/16 at 04:41pm

I loved this show!!! Wish they would bring it back!!!

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