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Jan 01, 2014 - Apr 29, 2015








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A reality series following former Miss Georgia winner Kim Gravel training girls for beauty pageants.

Kim Gravel, 1991 winner of Miss Georgia, is now one of the country's most successful pageant coaches. Together with her mother and younger sister, Kim is out train and transform young girls into confident young women ready for the beauty pageant circuit.

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06/28/16 at 02:30pm

I hate to see this show because of the positive things it did for young ladies. I would like to see it come back.
06/09/16 at 05:19am

I love this show an I would love for it to be renewed on your network.
05/20/16 at 12:39pm

the show was a little inappropriate she did tell them and show them how to tape their boobs and the show atracted pedophiles but so does dance moms and they just did season six and will get renewed for at least one more
05/17/16 at 11:00pm

Pissed off they cancelled show. I officially hate lifetime.
04/21/16 at 12:58pm

I and my granddaughters LOVE Kim of Queens. It was a good clean show with a sense of humor. Take some of this trash off and put more family friendly shows on! We love her and the girls!!!
04/03/16 at 10:31pm

It's truly a shame Kim of Queens was canceled. One of my favorite shows sad to see it canceled. Should definitely bring it back. Advertise it more like you do the other shows. Seems like every decent show u put on only last a season or 2. I am to the point that I feel like the lifetime channel isn't worth my time watching anymore.
03/24/16 at 11:12am

If anyone reads this bring Kim of queens back. There are so few shows that you can sit and watch w your mother and daughter and not be afraid of sex and language. Such a shame that it was cancelled! Good luck girls
03/19/16 at 11:56am

I hated seeing that Kim Of Queens was cancelled. I loved watching Kim with her mother & sister, such a fun bunch of ladies! Also,love Addie! Shes a breath of fresh air & a true country girl! There arent too many shows left that you can still watch as a family, so please bring it back!
03/16/16 at 07:27am

Total an utter disappointment!!!! I conquer with previous comments, how can Lifetime keep Dance Moms and cancel Kim Of Queens!!! My mom and I are big fans of Kim, her family, as well as her show!!! Kim's show was about uplifting young women, instilling good morals, ethics, and self confidence!!! You still had a little bit of drama with the pageant Moms. However, we believe that Kim's show was a positive experience for the girls and their moms; as well as for the viewers!!! Please bring Kim of Queens back!!! I along with many others think that it is a travisty that the show was cancelled!!!
03/14/16 at 07:38pm

I loved this show why was it cancelled she showed your girls how to act like lady's please bring this show back.

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