Playing House

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Apr 29, 2014 - Jul 14, 2017






Maggie - Lennon ParhamEmma - Jessica St. ClairMark - Keegan-MichaelGwen - Jane KaczmarekZach - Zach Woods

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A comedy following two single best friends, one of whom is pregnant and rebuilding her life.

Maggie is newly single and eight months pregnant. She recently left her husband after discovering his affair and must now fight for herself to build a life and new family.

Emma is Maggie's strong-willed best friend who, despite years of climbing the ranks in the Chinese business world, drops everything to move back to the town of Pinebrook to support Maggie in her time of need.

Comments (29)

07/10/20 at 04:31pm

Very funny show. I guess it wont be picked up by someone else.
01/14/16 at 09:20am

Love this show! Can't wait for new season.
03/11/15 at 11:06am

Glad to hear this show is coming back. It's a quirky little show, said in the best way possible, with good characters, good acting and good writers.
Looking forward to Season 2.
10/28/14 at 10:17pm

I soooo.... love this show. They just can't cancel this show. Everyone I know that watched it loved it!! Don't cancel this show!!!
10/26/14 at 04:06pm

this is soooo funny! i love the friendship between the 2 main characters (BFFS in real life as well). the honesty and charm of this show is unique. i truely hope this show gets renewed!
10/19/14 at 03:03pm

Please renew!
LisaMarie Costa
10/18/14 at 07:17pm

Love love love this show, Please bring it back for Season 2.
10/17/14 at 08:39pm

Absolutely love this show. Please do not cancel. Praying for a season 2!!!
Pa girl
10/15/14 at 07:51am

The acting in this show is exceptionally bad. Pair that up with bad writing and I can't believe it made it without being cancelled mid-season. I hope this piece of trash is finished.
10/14/14 at 09:09am

This show was hilarious, its funny to me that people are freaking out about not liking it, why are you even concerning yourself about how unfunny you found it? If you don't like it, don't watch it, seems like a simple fix for your issue.
I really hope it comes back, it was a refreshing change from the million and one cop/crime and reality shows on tv anymore. I thought the writing was witty, depicts how friends are with each other ( stupid fights over stupid things, cheesy inside jokes,etc), the actors and actresses did a great job.

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