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Jan 23, 2014 - Jun 27, 2014




Drama / Legal




Keegan - Greg KinnearBen - John OrtizScarlet - Necar ZadeganMaddy - Miranda OttoFinn - Ian CollettiMikki - Bojana NovakovicDavid - David HarbourLeanne - Tara Summers

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A legal drama following a defense lawyer with a chaotic life.

Keegan Deane is a criminal defense lawyer whose life is a bit of a mess. His ex-wife thinks he's unreliable, judges call him an outrage, the IRS knows him as a defendant, and his colleagues think he can be a general pain in the ass.

On the bright side, he is also brilliant, charming, and possesses a lack of discretion that helps him land cases nobody else wants.

Comments (77)

05/26/14 at 05:49pm

I am very disappointed.
05/18/14 at 04:49pm

One of the few brit shows that i found the U.S. did better. It will be missed by me.
Dave Fox
05/18/14 at 07:23am

Just found out. This is the one show that I thought would not get the ax. I hope this show finds another network just like Southland did!
05/17/14 at 08:11pm

We enjoyed Rake as a quirky personality with interesting cases. The supporting cast were good in their parts.
Glenn Giles
05/13/14 at 10:47am

Sorry to see it leave....Funny, witty show
05/12/14 at 08:10pm

it's a shame
05/09/14 at 05:16pm

Rake is the best show on T.V. period! I hope another network picks it up if Fox is dumb enough to cancel it. Great writing & a fantastic cast. This is the only show my husband & I watched together. Worst decision ever Fox!
05/08/14 at 03:23pm

Please keep this show on!!Its one of the best new shows.my family looked forward to each episode!!It was funny with humor &, we need this show
05/08/14 at 02:39pm

The Australian version of Rake is much better. Although finishing up this year, there were 3 enjoyable seasons.
05/07/14 at 11:05pm

It seems to me everyone should be blaming / suing the Neilson ratings people for discriminating against people over 49 for all the good shows being canceled. If you're between 18-49 years old you get your choice of what to watch. Over 49 and your voice just does not count anymore. Loved this show. Hate to see it gone.

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