Silicon Valley

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Apr 06, 2014 - Dec 08, 2019








Richard - Thomas MiddleditchErlich - T. J. MillerJared - Zach WoodsDinesh - Kumail NanjianiGilfoyle - Martin StarrBig Head - Josh BrenerPeter - Christopher Evan WelchMonica - Amanda CrewLangdon - Angela Trimbur

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A comedy following a group of programmers living together in California's Silicon Valley.

Partially inspired by Mike Judge's experiences as a Silicon Valley engineer in the late '80s, this comedy follows the lives of a group of high tech workers in the Palo Alto area of California.

While this group of social outcasts may be the most qualified to succeed in this modern environment, they are not necessarily capable of handling the success.

Comments (8)

05/18/17 at 00:01am

BEST BEST BEST, LMAO , tardy & fresh, i will kill them with knifes, i will kill them with guns, i will kill them with my hands, i will talk them into suicide lmao
07/12/16 at 10:24am

'Silicon Valley' is f'n hilarious. I recently retired after 30 years in the tech industry and this show *absolutely nails* the bullshit corporate culture that I'm glad to be out of. And kudos to the show's technical advisors for making the Pied Piper platform and app sound almost believable.
04/25/16 at 00:57am

I love this show, flip'n hilarious! Don't forget to check the Piped Piper website and blog. Ha!
12/09/15 at 03:28pm

I hate comedy shows as a general rule but this has turned out to be one of my favorites! Let's get it going again!
04/28/15 at 08:35am

My new Big Bang Theory :)
08/12/14 at 04:18am

Funny series. Mike Judge is brilliant.
Jeff D.
05/25/14 at 11:18pm

Fantastic show! So glad HBO has renewed it.
05/06/14 at 09:39pm

Such a funny show. I LOVE it!!

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