Taxi Brooklyn

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Jun 25, 2014 - Sep 10, 2014




Comedy / Drama




Cat - Chyler LeighLeo - Jacky Ido

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A dramedy following a demoted detective who teams up with a cab driver to solve crimes.

When tough New York detective Cat Sullivan is demoted to lowly foot patrol for disobeying orders and reckless driving, she is not too happy about it.

Taking her work into her own hands, Cat forms an unlikely team with a highly skilled taxi driver named Leo. Realizing he lied on his immigration forms, Cat offers to help Leo with his immigration issues in exchange for his taxi and driving abilities.

With Leo now acting as Cat's personal driver and consultant, they work together to solve crimes, including the mysterious death of her father.

Comments (134)

06/14/18 at 05:57pm

Taxi Brooklyn was captivating and well acted. It is almost
Insulting to those of us that watched the series to have left
The whole story with no closure. The story has some very
Interesting twists and kept me wanting to continue viewing.
It was a refreshing change from all the sex, brutality and obscenity that permeates so many shows. Hope it can
somehow be continued.
02/01/18 at 07:13pm

I will never watch anything even associated with you
12/05/16 at 07:49pm

Very disappointed that this show was cancelled. Not surprized as many of the comments mentioned aboved. If you don't have cursing, sex exploitation, etc. It's not worth keeping. It would not of been so bad if you didn't have so many cliffhangers. Ex-husband murder, mom blown to bits, kidnapped wife and child! Come on some closure!!!
12/25/15 at 04:23pm

Shame it was canned. At least Reckless had some closure. Ought to be a law in writers & studios to have some closure at the endorsement a season. That ending was as bad as Glades! Ugh. You'd think USA would continue it since they're a part of NBC. Just have to imagine all turned out for the good.
11/03/15 at 08:42am

I liked the show & I'm disappointed that they're not going to bring it back. I wish they would shop the show to another network.
Gloria Clifton
10/20/15 at 03:06pm

I am so mad you writers left us hanging. It's a good show and I love it. You writers could of finished it. I saw the show on Netflix. At least finish it with pride. Yes, Marge Cohen is right. Please bring back.
09/11/15 at 05:27pm

I watched the first season on Netflix, not knowing it was cancelled. Very good show, too bad it didn't survive
So Sad
08/16/15 at 03:32pm

Best show in a very long time, comedy, romance, and cops...BRING BACK TAXIBROOKLYN...PLEASE!!!!!!
08/13/15 at 08:42pm

bring it back I love the show
07/21/15 at 10:49am

This show is interesting and definitely got better as the season went along. So, of course, it gets cancelled. If there isn't a lot of trash in it or a teenager show or reality show it can't exist! Get real! Some people just like to be entertained and have a show that we have to pay attention to so as not to miss details. Also great casting, too.

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