Taxi Brooklyn

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Jun 25, 2014 - Sep 10, 2014




Comedy / Drama




Cat - Chyler LeighLeo - Jacky Ido

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A dramedy following a demoted detective who teams up with a cab driver to solve crimes.

When tough New York detective Cat Sullivan is demoted to lowly foot patrol for disobeying orders and reckless driving, she is not too happy about it.

Taking her work into her own hands, Cat forms an unlikely team with a highly skilled taxi driver named Leo. Realizing he lied on his immigration forms, Cat offers to help Leo with his immigration issues in exchange for his taxi and driving abilities.

With Leo now acting as Cat's personal driver and consultant, they work together to solve crimes, including the mysterious death of her father.

Comments (134)

patricia davis
07/19/15 at 02:52pm

It is the only series that has held my interest in a very long time. It was brilliant in every way. kback to CNN.
Patricia M
07/16/15 at 07:34pm

Taxi Brooklyn was One if the best shows on T.V.
07/15/15 at 06:57am

I love this show and I don't like tv! It's funny and exciting. Chyler Leigh and Jacky Ido are so wonderful together. Put it back on the air! Please!
07/12/15 at 01:13pm

Nooooooo! Bring it back!!!!!
marge cohen
07/11/15 at 02:57pm

We agree with all the above comments
You don't cancel a show after 12 episodes with no ending
At least bring it back and. end it properly
07/07/15 at 00:11am

I am so mad they cancelled taxi Brooklyn I love that show and it was getting good am going to stop watch stuff because as soon as you start liking it they cancelled it
The Brain
07/05/15 at 08:01pm

This show is very corny, yet I enjoyed watching season 1. Who comes up with stuff like this--a cop and a taxi driver. To be honest, I think some of the big boys upstairs had a problem with the black guy interacting with the white women. You could actually tell that this was a problem due to the fact that they only flirted with interracial kissing etc. White males don't have a problem with it. It's the grumpy old dudes. This show maintained a 5.6 ratings the entire seasons. They want up to believe that this show's ratings were 1.0 among the viewers 18 - 49. The same age group that gave the U.S. its first Black President. I smell a rat.
07/02/15 at 05:25pm

I can't believe you have a good show like that , & then you cancel it.We even set our TV to tape it,so we'd make sure we didn't miss it.Whom ever cancelled it ,really needs to think about what they did (cause it was a great show). Taxi Brooklyn , we love watching you. Please bring it back on !!!
07/02/15 at 02:19am

This show really needs to come back. My partner is driving me crazy - he want's go know what's going to happen after that cliff-hanger! Bring it back!
06/22/15 at 09:08am

I agree with what has been said already . This is one of the best shows on tv for a long while .There needs to be a second series to tie up all the lose ends. The cretin who cancelled the show deserves to be fired.

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