The Leftovers

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Jun 29, 2014 - Jun 04, 2017








Kevin - Justin TherouxLaurie - Amy BrennemanNora - Carrie CoonMatt - Christopher EcclestonPatti - Ann DowdLucy - Amanda WarrenMeg - Liv TylerDean - Michael GastonJill - Margaret QualleyScott - Charlie CarverAdam - Max CarverTom - Chris ZylkaAmy - Emily Meade

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A drama following the aftermath of society when 2% of the world's population disappears.

After 2% of the earth's population suddenly disappears from what may or may not have been the Rapture, the remaining citizens of the world struggle to make sense of what has happened.

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The End
04/30/19 at 02:37am

So mystery finally solved...

Thanos snapped his finger.
05/31/17 at 00:53am

Another show worth watching. Quirky twisty drama that is better than watching a Trump presidency press conference. I especially love the ever changing opening and closing music this season that complements the story. Exactly what is going on? Nothing but great drama.
04/16/17 at 04:13am

Pity the cast of this wasn't part of the 2%
04/14/16 at 10:32pm

Great, a bonus season! This series is DEEP, I love it! I'm definitely going to see what these producers are working on next.
12/07/15 at 11:19am

This show does my head in, I love it, Season 2 was fantastic
12/06/15 at 10:07pm

I just finished season 2. I'm sold. This is the best TV series I have ever seen, and I have seen all the best rated series. Bravo!
11/10/15 at 06:29am

This is by far one of the best dramas on TV right now. But if you know little about life, religion, psychology and philosophy, then you won't get what this series is about. This is a clever and mature series for mature and knowledgeable people. For example, in case you missed it, the gated city of Jarden is a metaphor for Jerusalem.
10/07/15 at 05:24am

Did not watch last season. This season seems very boring to me. Time to hang it up
Jim C
09/05/15 at 10:27pm

I tried the 1st episode, and I can see this is absolutely going nowhere. Thank God shows put their best into a pilot so I can decide to watch or not.. Final word. NOT
08/21/15 at 11:07am

A grim, joyless show with a lack of humour or hero. Utterly unremarkable.

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