The Lottery

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Jul 20, 2014 - Sep 28, 2014








Alison - Marley SheltonKyle - Michael GraziadeiJames - David AlpayVanessa - Athena KarkanisThe President - Yul VasquezGabrielle - Shelley ConnDarius - Martin Donovan

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A futuristic thriller following a global fertility crisis.

In the year 2025, the world has become a dystopian society driven by a global fertility crisis. Women have mysteriously stopped bearing children and human extinction looms.

Dr. Alison Lennon and her team have spent years researching a way to stop the crisis. When they manage to fertilize 100 embryos, the U.S. Fertility Commission takes control of the lab.

With the government in control of this significant scientific breakthrough, it is announced that a national lottery will be held to determine which women will carry the prized embryos to term - beginning a battle over the control of the embryos.

Comments (8)

10/10/15 at 03:49pm

My D.V.R. is getting emptied like a glass of water. This is completely asinine and whomever is in charge of the cancelling of these shows need to have their head examine...bottom line!
01/22/15 at 02:42am

once again there goes another one who is incharge of these so called ratings. myself and so many people i know not to mention the millions plus that watch the shows were not part of those nelson ratings.The nelson ratings are a joke and pure fiction! Yet tv has litteraly continued to buy there results.
01/17/15 at 04:22pm

I think ppl not the whole network but the ppl should be the ones who should be able to decide on what stays and what goes but it should be done on vote count from America to India Egypt to Thailand to Australia and
11/02/14 at 06:28pm

There is no point getting interested in any of the new series......they drop like flies and we never know how they would have ended. It's a complete waste of time. Might as well listen to music or read a book. It's all about big g business and ratings and we have no control so why bother.
Carmen Burnett
10/08/14 at 02:32pm

I really liked this show and think it is worth renewing it to see how it goes. Quite an interesting presime.
08/05/14 at 05:34am

Lost me 6 minute and 30 seconds into the 2nd episode. If you are going to have evil government agents water board someone, have them do it at least a little bit right. That particular bit was so stupid! These guys would know how to do this right! Anyone who has watched the news knows how this is done! WTF?!
06/30/14 at 02:38am

no more humans, OK, maybe its time
06/16/14 at 11:14pm


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