The Mysteries of Laura

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Sep 17, 2014 - Mar 02, 2016








Laura - Debra MessingJake - Josh LucasBilly - Laz AlonsoMeredith - Janina Gavankar

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A drama following an NYPD detective balancing the demands of her day job and her family.

Laura Diamond is a New York homicide detective who is doing her best to balance her work with her home life as a single mother, which includes two disobedient kids and a soon-to-be ex-husband who is also a cop - and her boss.

Her life can get pretty crazy as a modern-day working mom, but she makes it work with help from her understanding partner.

Comments (82)

08/03/16 at 08:13am

Why? Didn't get a chance to get back with her ex.
Carla & Ray McDonald
06/27/16 at 10:42am

Very unhappy that this has been cancelled, along with Heartbeat. Two of the shows we really looked forward to. You are aiming for a very young audience, and should realize that the older generation has much more money to spend on the advertisers. Wake up!
06/20/16 at 06:09pm

I guess nobody wanted to see Grace without Will.
06/11/16 at 10:10pm

Please bring this show back, it was one of my favorites. I don't understand why everytime I love a show it gets cancelled but yet stupid reality shows are being renewed for it's 16th or 18th life is full of reality granted note staged reality but nevertheless reality so please just let me enjoy my break from it and bring back this show and stop cancelling some of the best shows on tv!!!
06/08/16 at 11:42pm

Loved this show
Why do they always cancel the good shows and leave the reality TV shit on ?
06/07/16 at 08:49am

wow what next, this was a good show, I guess you will just keep the trashy shows coming, not worth watching tv
Dudley A Shaffer
06/03/16 at 03:55am

Of course it was cancelled.
Lets leave the trash shows like Duck Dynasty,Keeping up w/ the Kardashains,any reality garbage,Hells Kitchen,and other trash.
So cancel good shows and keep this trash on.
Networks only care about how much money they get from sponsors.NOT about the public.
Karimah McDougall
05/27/16 at 04:49am

Is there any point in watching TV anymore? All of the good shows are being cancelled 😠
05/19/16 at 09:35am

I am so over with good clean shows being cancelled and keeping the reality shows on. I live reality daily I want to see less reality shows and you STOP cancelling the other shows!
05/18/16 at 07:37am

I really really enjoy this show!!!! Why to they cancel this a yet leave other? Please bring it back! It is a great alternative to all the other cop shows. A breath of fresh air

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