12 Monkeys

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Jan 16, 2015 - Jul 06, 2018




Drama / Sci-fi




Cole - Aaron StanfordCassandra - Amanda SchullRamse - Kirk AcevedoAaron - Noah BeanKatrina - Barbara SukowaWhitley - Demore Barnes

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A drama following a man sent back in time to prevent a virus that one day devastates the world's population.

By the year 2043, a deadly virus has wiped out a good portion of the world's population. An organization known as the Army of the Twelve Monkeys sends a Time traveler named James Cole back to the year 2015 in order to prevent the virus from ever happening.

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Barry Watt
07/27/18 at 04:36pm

Waiting every week for a new episode was the reason why I decided to stop watching this and wait until the whole season was finished before I binged watched them all.
Ed G
07/09/18 at 08:52pm

FINALLY. A show that gives us a really good, well thought out ending and not that hurried, substanceless garbage we usually get. I hated to see this show go but that ending made up for it. Ended like a good fairy tale love story. Writing was excellent. It almost gave me that "M.A.S.H. series finale" kind of vibe. Take note all you writers out there that are wrapping up a show! THIS IS HOW ITS DONE!
07/09/18 at 07:35am

This show really ended up out there but I liked it and will miss it.I really liked the ending.
07/07/18 at 05:54am

i like this movie
07/01/18 at 06:56am

thank god the show is there... i really like it
02/20/18 at 09:53am

The Army of the 12 monkeys did not send James Cole back in time. A group of scientists sent him back to stop the Army of the 12 monkeys from releasing the virus.
Mike F
05/20/17 at 02:47am

Happy with this series, but this is not a show you can multitask with something else, and be able to clearly follow the story line. When I saw 4 shows on the Video log I thought it was recording older shows, but they were all dated May 19th with no other original air time. So I checked imdb.com to be sure and it was 4 new episodes with 3 plus 3 more to follow the next 2 nights! Binge watching at its finest and one of the first shows to offer New Episodes in rapid succession with no weekly waiting! Since I already devoured the 1st 4 epis' I am Looking forward to the big finish in 6 more Episodes. Maybe the space-time continuum will not be too twisted out of shape when they are done.
mike dobey
03/17/17 at 06:03pm

Well At least we get a final season. The show is inventive and well done. And it never went off the deep end like 'helix' did. It deserved a proper ending.
Peter Munn
02/28/17 at 03:28pm

just wondering when it's going on air again on foxtel australia
at first I didn't think much of the show but after a while got hooked on it.
And yes I think the tv series is far better than the movie. I was disappointed about the movie.That's probably why I didn't like the series in the beginning.
08/07/16 at 04:30pm

I'm very happy and relieved this was renewed. I wasn't overly impressed with season 1 and wasn't sure I'd watch season 2. What a big mistake I almost made. But, I went ahead and started watching it, since I know this kind of sci-fi, time travel, does take a while to set up the story, in such a way that people can follow it. Well, season 2 made season 1 so worthwhile and ended up being one of the most amazing, exciting, gut wrenching shows on tv. For those of you who got put off by season 1, hang in there with season 2 and you will be rewarded.

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