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Sep 21, 2015 - Jul 23, 2020








Jane - Jaimie AlexanderKurt - Sullivan StapletonTasha - Audrey EsparzaEdgar - Rob BrownBethany - Marianne Jean-BaptisteDr. Borden - Ukweli RoachPatterson - Ashley Johnson

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A drama following the arrival of a mysterious woman who has no idea who she is.

When a mysterious and beautiful Jane Doe is discovered in Times Square, naked and covered in tattoos, it sets in motion an international plot. This woman has no memory of who she is or where she came from, but one of the tattoos across her back is the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller.

Realizing that each of the other tattoos on Jane's body is a crime to be solved, Jane and Agent Weller use the FBI's resources to lead them closer to the truth about her identity and other mysteries to be revealed.

Comments (37)

11/11/20 at 05:41pm

After having seen every episode of every season of this show, I think they should have ended it with the 2nd to last episode. It's obvious that the series went from serious to ridiculous over it's lifespan. But, to end it trying to have every actor who ever was on it make an appearance was beyond unnecessary. I'm just glad it was an hour long finale instead of two hours. Many times less is better. I will only miss Rich and Patterson who became the only watchable characters.
07/27/20 at 04:19pm

Now that this is over, we can watch the progressives and their allies in ANTIFA burn down and loot their own Democrat led cities.
07/26/20 at 12:44pm

Great show well worth a watch 9/10
07/26/20 at 10:45am

So glad this is over, this season was the worst ever all the “David’s and Trumpcult” probably will think this is the best season ever for this show.
07/23/20 at 11:24pm

This was a great show regardless of the negative comments,it's too bad it is the end. All the "Karens and Bobs" can go back to watching their idiotic reality tv show and leave the real shows to the true viewers.
06/20/20 at 04:32pm

Used to look forward to this show but this season is awful. They definatly will not have anyone upset that this is the last season. I have no interest in watching the final episodes, kind of like the last season of HEROS, no one cared that it ended
Roger Tucker
05/16/20 at 06:14pm

Used to enjoy this show but now glad to see it go season 5 E1 & 2 just sooooo bad...………..
08/22/19 at 03:03pm

I'm glad this show was renewed for their 5th and final season. I really enjoyed the 1st season, the 2nd was a chore to get through, the 3rd season was ridiculous. Then I realized that this show is actually really funny. The ridiculous moments and uber sincere characters keep me laughing throughout. After that paradigm shift: I love this show!!! I rewatched some earlier episodes with this mindset and it is a great rewatch.
06/06/19 at 01:13pm

I hate the way shows make smart characters seem so stupid at times. This show does it way to often. Seasons 1 and 2 were really good but continues to get worse. I am struggling to keep watching.
03/10/19 at 12:41pm

I'm struggling to get through these recent episodes. I'm 6 minutes in Ep 14 of Season 4 and it's a chore. Think this show has jumped the shark back in Season 3. It's time to end it before it gets even more ridiculous. Reminds me of books where the writer doesn't know how to close the story out so it painfully goes on and on for too many chapters.

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