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Sep 21, 2015 - Jul 23, 2020








Jane - Jaimie AlexanderKurt - Sullivan StapletonTasha - Audrey EsparzaEdgar - Rob BrownBethany - Marianne Jean-BaptisteDr. Borden - Ukweli RoachPatterson - Ashley Johnson

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A drama following the arrival of a mysterious woman who has no idea who she is.

When a mysterious and beautiful Jane Doe is discovered in Times Square, naked and covered in tattoos, it sets in motion an international plot. This woman has no memory of who she is or where she came from, but one of the tattoos across her back is the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller.

Realizing that each of the other tattoos on Jane's body is a crime to be solved, Jane and Agent Weller use the FBI's resources to lead them closer to the truth about her identity and other mysteries to be revealed.

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Joey Prairiechicken
11/25/15 at 06:58pm

This show makes me wonder if the US Government is financially backing this production. In a day where damage control to image is needed with a more and more intrusive civil rights violations by law enforcement agencies, we give you Blindspot.
The acting and story lines are somewhere between mind numbing and unbelievable. Ashley Johnson looks like someone who has transitioned from man into woman. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Looking forward to this one gone asap.
Dave James
09/30/15 at 02:01pm

@JFS - That's what they said about Andy Griffith when he tried to helm Matlock. Boy, did he show them. I think Stapelton is doing just fine. (In my opinion), Blindspot is the best new show on TV this season.
09/29/15 at 04:20pm

Really enjoyed this show! Can't wait to see what happens the rest of the season.
09/28/15 at 02:08pm

One of the best show openings I have seen in a long, long time, characters as great and the storyline seems full of potential.
J. Frimpong Sydenstricker
09/27/15 at 01:03pm

Not a bad show, but casting Sullivan Stapleton in the lead will doom it to failure. He's okay for a silly sex-and-shoot'em-up like Strike Back, but he hasn't got the talent or gravitas for a show like this that wants us to take it seriously.
Dave James
09/22/15 at 07:28am

Held my attention throughout the whole show. I'll be watching next week.
09/21/15 at 03:30am

I really hope this show is good considering how long I have been looking forward to it. They run the commercials for it CONSTANTLY so they must be confident and ready to back it up. Here's hoping....

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