Dark Matter

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Jun 12, 2015 - Aug 25, 2017




Drama / Sci-fi




One - Marc BendavidTwo - Melissa O'NeilThree - Anthony LemkeFour - Alex Mallari JrFive - Jodelle FerlandSix - Roger CrossThe Android - Zoie Palmer

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A drama following the crew of a derelict spaceship who wake up with no memories.

When the crew of a derelict spaceship awakes from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board the vessel, they must work together to survive the voyage. The task won't be easy, with new threats like betrayal, secrets, and vengeance around every corner.

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09/02/17 at 07:05am

Wha?????? Cancelled? No!! I'm seriously over the Syfy channel. Can't believe they didn't renew this show.
michael dobey
09/01/17 at 05:37pm

Sci fi does it again. Thanks for cancelling a good show and now what do you have to replace it? This show did a great job on it's budget. This is lame. I wish someone would pick this one up , it's a good show.
Duke Nukem
07/27/17 at 04:14pm

Thanks to the lower cost CG and affordable Canadian talent, this show has been able to pull it off. It's definitely no BSG, but I find it's better than all the other Sci-Fi series on now, except for The Expanse. FYI, I gave up on this series after 4 episodes as it looked like another disappointment waiting to happen. Yet, I gave it another chance, and now I'm somewhat hooked, especially after the episode 'All the Time in the World'. I'm up to s3e8 and waiting for more.. Lets hope Dark Matter keeps getting better, otherwise I think it's doomed..
Warning: Maybe some spoilers ahead, not much at all though..
Things that I think will help this series, that they have already somewhat done:
1) Get rid of Roger Cross, at least get him off the Raza permanently.
2) Have the 'The Android' speak naturally most of the time.
3) More comedy relief and surprise us with unexpected, 'out there' plots!
Beyond that, I think they should bring in an alien race or two. You don't even have to show them, at least just their ships or whatever.
09/13/16 at 07:40pm

So sad that he killed his step brother. Whyyyyy
it made him an idiot monster!!
08/27/16 at 03:42pm

I've been watching this show from the start. I too, have been extremely disappointed with the past few years of, as Ralph said in a previous comment total drek, that has been the staple of Syfy's original series. The plot for the first season was intriguing, and every episode had me anxiously awaiting the next. This second season has been upping the ante and so far, I am eagerly awaiting each new episode. I can't wait to see where they are going to take this show. I hope it continues for at least 2-3 more seasons.
06/11/16 at 07:36pm

Has anyone ever noticed that the people who bash shows and generally disrupt threads like this can't spell, or their sentence structure is terrible. I'm just saying that I've noticed that myself and it seems to me that if you have bad grammar your opinion just gets chalked up to ignorance, stupidity, or trolling, which all equals moot in my book.
06/07/16 at 05:00pm

as usual the intellectually challenged who would prefer soaps an reality shows are out in force this show is good,saying that its a rewrite of firefly and farscape ,but it better than the reality cack so long may it last.
11/10/15 at 05:39am

This series is boring. Syfy should have cancelled this one.
Ralph Sporlock
11/05/15 at 03:31pm

Awesome, interesting and fun show! Best show to come out of the total drek that has been Sci Fi original series the last few years.
09/15/15 at 01:50pm

Having watched this show .. if you can call it a "show” I am at a total loss as to why it has gone for a second series. The story lines were piss poor, the acting .. I did not see any actors, the so called ones were poor and amateurish with the exception of David Hewlett, and where did they get the 1970s soap star from Three aka Anthony Lemke. Is this the future quality of tv si-fi?.

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