Dark Matter

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Jun 12, 2015 - Aug 25, 2017




Drama / Sci-fi




One - Marc BendavidTwo - Melissa O'NeilThree - Anthony LemkeFour - Alex Mallari JrFive - Jodelle FerlandSix - Roger CrossThe Android - Zoie Palmer

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A drama following the crew of a derelict spaceship who wake up with no memories.

When the crew of a derelict spaceship awakes from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board the vessel, they must work together to survive the voyage. The task won't be easy, with new threats like betrayal, secrets, and vengeance around every corner.

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07/21/18 at 00:28am

Yet another quality sci-fi show cancelled by Syfy. Winona Earp and Zombie Nation belong on their sister channel USA not on a network dedicated to science fiction. Sorry, I forgot, this is the Syfy network not the SciFi network. The two Y's are for Y science fiction and Y on this network.

Dark Matter had an excellent cast, great writers and a great story arc.
07/12/18 at 08:14am

I agree with most people, SYFY cancels the good shows and leaves on the garbage. Really what the hell is wrestling doing on SYFY??? Like others have said Sharknado, REALLY??? It now looks like other networks are showing SIFI shows and they at least bring things to a conclusion when they end their shows. I get more SIFI from other stations and netflix than I do from SYFY network. That's a bad sign, maybe they should change their name to sometimes SYFY.
01/26/18 at 01:28pm

i agree with dave. Im not watching sci-fi channel anymore.
12/28/17 at 01:55pm

They cancel this show - but there are idiotic zombie shows on the air. Sharknado had 3 or 4 sequels - but they cancel Dark Matter.
11/25/17 at 09:23am

I will never watch another show on SYFY again, if they do have a winner that ends I will get the DVD and watch it then. Too many good shows cancelled leave you hanging, then they leave the garbage shows still on. Meatheads!!!
11/01/17 at 05:41am

For you who're looking for the real reason why Sly-fy cancelled the show..
Alex P
10/16/17 at 12:53pm

How does a network have a show with solid, steady ratings and simply cancel it (on a cliff hanger to boot)?! I read that MGM had reached out to creator Joseph Mallozzi to save the show, but there were "contract" issues that could not be resolved. I loved this show and I don't want to see it go!
10/14/17 at 01:30pm

Just finished watching all 3 seasons over the past month or so. Shame it was cancelled as for the most part it was a pretty good show. Hope someone picks it up and at least does a wrap up movie or mini series. But yeah this clinches it for me that I won't start a new show on SyFy anymore (I do the same for Fox drama shows). They just cancel too many good shows way too early and leave fans hanging.
10/13/17 at 09:48am

Very Disappointed this is Cancelled, Love the Show and the characters... Every time I get into a Great show like this Its short lived and just stupid to be cancelling far too soon...
I agree with what was said earlier that the Sci-Fi channel barely has anything good Sci-Fi anymore... Such a Shame
10/12/17 at 04:33am

Just finished the last season on Netflix, very disappointed to see it cancelled. Normally when a show resorts to evil twins, it's a sign that the writers are out of ideas, but t it looked like there was enough going on in that last episode to carry the show into a 4th season. Maybe the android will get her own show...

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