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Jan 04, 2015 - Jan 31, 2016








Galavant - Joshua SasseKing Richard - Timothy OmundsonGareth - Vinnie JonesMadalena - Mallory JansenIsabella - Karen DavidSid - Luke Youngblood

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A musical comedy extravaganza.

Galavant is a dashing knight who is down on his luck, but determined to reclaim his reputation. To do this, he must overthrow the evil King Richard, who stole the love of his life, Madalena, from him.

Comments (13)

09/17/16 at 01:01pm

They cancelled a great show Forever for it, then cancelled it. ABC is extremely idiotic with their programming
09/10/16 at 06:04pm

Here's to hoping that Netflix will pick this up for a Season 3, it's not too late is it? I know it picked up the first two seasons and I'm pretty sure the budget wasn't much relatively speaking. Come on Netflix! Or Comedy Central!
Barry Memory
06/21/16 at 01:28am

One of the few times I really felt let down when a show was cancelled.
05/29/16 at 09:17am

This was a unique and highly entertaining show. The cast was great. The King was wonderfully entertaining. I watched every episode with great pleasure
03/10/16 at 03:31pm

I LOVE this show it was funny and different I really hope it get comes back
02/05/16 at 10:05pm

For some reason I like this ridiculous show. Hope they will come back for a third season. It is just different, special and fun to watch.
02/09/15 at 12:14pm

This has been sitting on my DVR for a while and I finally got around to watching it. I wish I hadn't. The finale was ridiculous, and they have the gall to make it a cliffhanger? Nothing got resolved, everything is in a huge mess. Who wrote this? A thousand monkeys working at a thousand typewriters? Garbage. I will not watch one millisecond if they make a Season 2. They can KMA.
01/31/15 at 07:27pm

This show is different and I need different. I would like to see it go on and grow. Yes, it is cute, yes it is funny but not hilarious...its a nice breather. We all need a show we can watch but not have to think too hard about the manipulations of plot and character. This is that show for me, my go-to-feel-good show. I would like more of it.
01/30/15 at 03:53pm

This show is great. There are very few like it on the air these days. If you liked "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and/or "Spamalot", then you'll like "Galavant" too.
Nicole Luvbug
01/27/15 at 09:38pm

I thought this show was cute and different. I liked the the cast , especially Timothy Omundson, and the plot. Also the guest stars were a nice touch. The music was fun and and I thought the show was fun all around. If you like something light and entertaining then you'll enjoy this show. I hope they bring it back for another season, especially with how it left off. At the very least a conclusive episode that they actually advertise and not just slip in there and then you've missed it never knowing it was on.

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