Grace and Frankie

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May 08, 2015 - Apr 09, 2022








Grace - Jane FondaFrankie - Lily TomlinSol - Sam WaterstonRobert - Martin SheenMallory - Brooklyn DeckerBrianna - June Diane RaphaelCoyote - Ethan EmbryBud - Baron Vaughn

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A comedy following two women whose husbands left them to marry each other.

Grace is an elegant and proper retired cosmetics mogul and Frankie is an eccentric hippie art teacher. Their husbands, Robert and Sol, are long-time law partners who surprise the women when they announce that they are in love with each other and are leaving their wives.

Although Grace and Frankie do not get along well, their only option is to live together and support each other as they reinvent themselves and enter the next chapter of their lives.

Comments (9)

08/13/21 at 12:09pm

OMG…we waited all this time and there’s only 4 episodes???? I know it was delayed for Covid but it looks more like a delay due to cosmetic procedures.
07/02/21 at 03:56pm

So well written. Great cast.
02/18/18 at 12:42pm

Love this show!
Kelly G
02/02/18 at 11:23am

So funny, I love this show. I listen to it at work and don't even have to watch it to enjoy it. Please don't cancel this show.
06/30/16 at 08:28am

I just started watching this bc my cable has been out and i must say this is one of my favorite shows. I cant wait for season 3. Thank u netflix for giving me something worth while to watch.
R Anders
06/09/16 at 10:05am

Keep up the good work Netflix, all your programs are great!! and Grace and Frankie is one of the best
bobbi esinger
02/28/16 at 06:57pm

I love this show nice to awesome actors for a change
08/05/15 at 05:20pm

Given the show's premise and the lead performers, it's clear that Hollyweird's elite are still active.
06/26/15 at 08:26pm

Great show! We love it! Please keep this show- Real, Funny and life!

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