Heroes Reborn

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Sep 24, 2015 - Jan 21, 2016




Drama / Sci-fi




Luke - Zachary LeviNoah - Jack ColemanMiko - Kiki SukezaneHiro - Masi OkaMatt - Greg GrunbergThe Haitian - Jimmy Jean-Louis

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A drama that continues the saga started by the original Heroes series.

Heroes Reborn continues the saga where ordinary individuals from around the world mysteriously develop superhuman abilities, and use them for either good or evil.

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04/16/18 at 11:38pm

Can someone actually tell me if the season did have an ending or was it actually left on a cliff hangers. If it was left on a cliff hanger, I won't even bother.
03/13/16 at 10:11am

Good, I'm glad. As a fan of the original series this was just to see if lightening can strike again and it flopped. It was too all over the place and I couldn't feel anything for the new characters...
They teased me with some old characters but it didn't last long...they should have never tried to bring this back...Just leave it be.
Conspiracy Lover
02/04/16 at 02:26pm

Producers always hope that the cliffhangers will create stronger bond to a new season. So, I do not find it surprising that current season ended the way it did.
What I don't understand is, the series, in this incarnation, did not look as expensive to make, as some other, less intriguing ones, just by looking at the starts of the show. And regardless how much you don't know what happened to the missing stars of the previous version of the show, if all the stars are picked up from the street, you know you will watch it as long as the story line continues in a plausible way. At least I would.
Which brings me to the next point. Comcast owns NBC universal along with many other channels under its umbrella. Most suitable ones of which, for this genre of programming are none other than SyFy and USA networks. With some revamped cast (read as cheaper stars, although I don't know how much lower that they can go as the new cast looked pretty shitty to me), the story line would be much better than most of the new series USA and SyFy lately tested and failed.
I am hoping someone with half a brain cell functional at Comcast, will see the light and bring the series back to life under either of these cable networks. Or Maybe Netflix or Amazon or Hulu (like they did to that Mindy project crap) as one of their originals. Possibilities are endless. I just hope one comes true.
01/27/16 at 07:25am

The old series was better, a spin off like this needed more work, a lot more work. Sure some of the characters from the 1st show appeared but only 8 out of how many in the old series never told what happened to them after old series ended. What I hated most was the ending end of the show where the creators knew it was only going to be a 13 episode tv series yet they leave a giant cliff hanger for a second season waiting to happen that will never ever come.
April sunshine
01/14/16 at 07:49pm

I thought how they killed the cop was funny in a cheesy way!- lol Thinking The silly Chinese video game theory vs #SharknadoSeriesFile
01/14/16 at 05:52pm

If there's no Cheerleader to save, how can you save the series?
01/13/16 at 12:04pm

This show was a slow start for me. During the pilot episode it was very slow then picked up during episode 2 and got boring again in episode 3 so i dropped this show the original was way way better.
01/01/16 at 03:32pm

I just heard an ad promoting the "first of the final three episodes." I guess it didn't make it.
12/21/15 at 02:47pm

A bit of a slow starter, but it's only grown more interesting as the season progressed. People who only watched the first episode or two should definitely give it another chance.
Kimberly Mars
12/09/15 at 07:41am

Please renew this show. Love it.. Keeps me on the edge of my seat. Love the plot twists. So few shows are intelligent and this one is down right genius!!!

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